DALI SPEKTOR speaker Series – Top sound for little money

DALI speaker stand for high quality. With the SPEKTOR series, the Danish sound specialists from DALI now offer a speaker that is both high-quality and particularly affordable: a great entry-level set for hi-fi and home cinema.

The SPEKTOR series includes four models: the shelf speakers SPEKTOR 1 and 2, the floor-standing speaker SPEKTOR 6 and the center speaker SPEKTOR Vocal for a true home cinema. All models use ultra-light fabric domes as tweeters, which score points for wide dispersion, low coloration and a wide frequency range. The bass-midrange drivers are made of DALI’s typical reddish wood-fiber cones. These not only look great, the irregular structure of the Membrane also reduces disturbing resonances and ensures a detailed and undistorted sound reproduction.

The series is designed to be amplifier friendly and can be combined with most amplifiers in its price range. In addition, all devices were built specifically for DALI drivers, so the crossovers do not need level corrections and work only with low losses.

The cabinets are available in walnut and black ash veneer. The slightly nostalgic design features clean finish and gently rounded corners.

DALI SPEKTOR 1 The smallest speaker in the series is extremely compact – its baffle is just about the size of an A5 sheet of paper. It is suitable both as a shelf speaker in surround systems and in combination with compact stereo systems. The SPEKTOR 1 features a 115 mm wood-fiber cone bass-midrange driver and a 21 mm fabric dome tweeter. It fits perfectly into small rooms and has considerable sound potential despite its small size. “The general sound character of the DALI SPEKTOR 1 is very lively, musical and spreads a live-like charm. At the same time, the trebles do not sound too strained and voices remain free of nasal effects or sharp sibilants.” (modernhifi.com, 4.05.17)
DALI Spektor 1
The ultra-compact smallest Speaker in the series uses a 115 mm wood-fiber woofer and a 21 mm fabric dome. The Dali Spektor 1 is available from us at a unit price of 99, – euros.


Due to its larger volume, the SPEKTOR 2 compact speaker has a powerful bass that still sounds convincing even in medium-sized rooms. This is also ensured by the installation of a 130 mm bass-midrange driver. The highs are presented clearly and in detail thanks to a 25 mm Karlotten tweeter.

The SPEKTOR 2 can be used as a stereo speaker or as the front, rear or side speaker a home cinema. The speaker sound best when mounted on a shelf, stand or wall.

“The performance of the small DALIs sounds consistently uncolored, balanced, transparent, and more than appropriately low-frequency strong for their size. Overall, the sound result is highly positive, especially considering the absolute low price.” (i-fidelity.net, 03/22/2017)

DALI Spektor 2 walnuss

Thanks to the larger Membrane the 130 mm woofer and the 25 mm dome tweeter, the speaker realizes a higher sound pressure than the Spektor 1. The Dali Spektor 2 is available from us at a unit price of 129, – euros.


The almost one meter tall floor-standing speaker is the flagship of the SPEKTOR family. It is equipped with a 25 mm dome tweeter and two 165 mm woofers, which produce a powerful, powerful bass response even in larger rooms and reproduce the midrange free of coloration. With its powerful and dynamic sound, the SPEKTOR 6 is very well suited as a front speaker of home cinemasystems for larger stereo systems. Their frequency range is 43 to 26,000 Hz.

“It convinces with a truly neutral tuning as well as a tonally, dynamically and spatially pronounced differentiation capacity all along the line. A remarkable sovereignty and its agile joy of playing crown a performance that makes even more demanding listeners sit up and take notice and can make novices want to enjoy hi-fi. The affordability of the DALI SPEKTOR 6 currently marks the pinnacle of what is possible and is likely to remain unchallenged for quite some time: clearly ‘price tip’ and ‘highlight’ rolled into one!” (i-fidelity.net, 03/24/2017)

DALI Spektor 6 walnuss

Two 165 mm bass-midrange drivers and a 25 mm fabric dome tweeter help this nearly one meter tall floorstanding speaker deliver the most powerful sound in the SPEKTOR family. The Dali Spektor 6 is available from us at a unit price of 299, – euros.


The landscape-format center speaker is perfectly matched in terms of sound to the other speakers in the series. Two 115 mm bass-midrange drivers surround a 25 mm fabric dome tweeter. In the central position of a home cinema, it ensures that dialogues and film music are reproduced in a clearly understandable and acoustically detailed manner.

With the Spektor family, DALI has developed a speaker that offers high-quality optics and sophisticated acoustics at a very reasonable price: “For little money, the SPEKTOR speaker series offers a terrific acoustic performance that can easily compete with much more expensive competitor systems. Level stability, resolving power and spatiality at the top level are skillfully combined with good efficiency and pleasant overall sound characteristics.” (AREA DVD.de, 02/24/2017)


The entire product family DALI Spektor.