The German HIFI TAGE 2018, Part 2

Not to be missed at the DEUTSCHEN HIFI TAGEN was, of course, the German high-end manufacturer T+A. On the occasion of the company’s 40th anniversary, the manufacturer provided deep insights into the inner workings of its devices.


T+A staff proudly presented the new Criterion series, driven by the mighty M 40 HV mono power amplifiers. A listening experience at its best.

T+A Mitarbeiter
M 40HV HiFi-Profis
T+A MP3100
Focal HiFi-Profis

From the design and sound exceptional Focal showed: The new Kanta series and the Sopra and Maestro series could be admired.

Focal Kanta

The PIEGA Coax 551 with electronic from PRIMARE and cables from inakustik attracted a lot of visitors – the floor-standing speaker equipped with coaxial ribbon provided a flawless natural sound image.

Piega HiFi-Profis

Heinz Dietrich from HIFI-PROFIS in Frankfurt together with Alexander von Oelsen and Gerd Bell from Darmstadt during a tour of the Darmstadtium.