News from the High End 2018, part 1

In search of the perfect sound, we once again traveled to Munich. Here, at High End 2018, we hope to discover interesting products for our customers.

High-End 2018 Eingang
Once again, DYNAUDIO kicked things off with a dealer event on Wednesday evening. The new Confidence series was presented to the dealers present, which is supposed to be clearly above the Contour series in terms of sound. Many new materials and technologies are used for the first time at Confidence. We are curious about the first listening impressions we are supposed to get today.
Dynaudio Confidence HiFi-Profis

Dynaudio Confidence bookshelf speaker

Dynaudio Confidence Standlautsprecher

Dynaudio Confidence floor-standing speaker

HIFI-PROFIS Bester Partner von Dynaudio
HIFI-PROFIS: Bester Partner von Dynaudio
In addition, the Dynaudio Awards were again presented at the event, which recognize particularly dedicated dealers: We were pleased to receive the award for “Best Partner” !
One of the most interesting novelties we discovered at CANTON . The Canton IQ series starts in August with wireless speaker, a compact speaker for €2,300/pair and a floorstanding speaker for €4,400/pair, and will be successively supplemented with other speakerand soundbars. This in itself is nothing special, but the speaker have integrated decoders for Dolby Digital and dts – so the customer can then build a completely wireless home cinema, without AV receiver!a
Canton IQ Vento 3 active

Canton IQ Vento 3 active

Canton IQ Vento 9 active HiFi-Profis

Canton IQ Vento 09 active

It was only a matter of time before the analog revival also revived the tape machine. The industrial designer Roland Schneider presents here a series of magnetic tape recorders under the brand name Ballfinger, which are to be available in a wide variety of configurations. The high-quality technology does not come cheap: depending on the range of functions, the devices are expected to cost between €10,000 and €24,000.
Ballfinger Tonbandmaschinen HiFi-Profis

Ballfinger tape machines