What is the purpose of taking old equipment

The collection of old equipment helps us all to protect the environment! With the renewed Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, from now on you can also hand in small electrical appliances to us free of charge. You can simply bring them to our branch and we will take care of their proper disposal for you. Because this is the only way to recycle as many important resources and raw materials as possible.

For large equipment, we must ask you to fill out the form below and return it to us. This is the only way we can arrange a pick-up date for you by one of our shipping service providers for goods that cannot be shipped as a parcel. Alternatively, you will receive a return label for free shipping of the old device.

If the return also involves storage media, such as hard drives or memory cards, then make sure that all private data is completely deleted. The Federal Ministry for Information Security provides information here on the correct procedure.

The procedure for returning old equipment

  1. Download the form, print it or fill it out digitally.
  2. Send formualar by mail to profis.
To the form

Further information on the take-back of old equipment

Electronic electrical and Electronic (i.e. equipment designed for operation with AC voltage not exceeding 1,000 volts or DC voltage not exceeding 1,500 volts, dependent on electric currents or electromagnetic fields for its proper operation, or used for the generation, transmission and measurement of electric currents and electromagnetic fields) must not be disposed of in normal household waste but must be collected separately.

Used batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed by the waste equipment must be separated before being handed over to a collection point as described below, unless the waste equipment is disposed of in accordance with § 14 Para. 5 sentence 2, sentence 3 of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act is separated from other waste equipment within the scope of opting by the public waste management authorities for the purpose of preparing it for recycling.

The symbol in accordance with Annex 3 to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act can be used to identify old appliances that are to be collected separately from unsorted municipal waste. The symbol represents a crossed-out wheeled garbage can.

For this purpose, we have set up posts for you where you can

  • Small appliances that are not larger than 25cm in any external dimension can be returned free of charge even if you have not purchased a new appliance,
  • You can hand in large appliances for disposal if you have previously or simultaneously purchased a new electrical or Electronicliance of the same type that has essentially the same functions as the new appliance (example: you purchase a new television and can hand in your old television in exchange).

Owners of old appliances can also hand them in within the framework of the possibilities for the return or collection of old appliances set up and available by public waste management authorities, so that the proper disposal of old appliances is ensured. If necessary, it is also possible to hand in electrical and Electronicthere for the purpose of reusing the equipment. For more information, please contact the respective collection or return point.