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The history of Bowers & Wilkins

In 1966, John Bowers, together with Roy Wilkins, founded Bowers & Wilkins, now known worldwide.

As always, everything started small. Bowers & Wilkins began as a service-oriented electronics business. Of course, at that time it could not be foreseen that the assembly of loudspeaker systems would later become one of the best-known producers of high-quality loudspeaker systems in the world.

The only clue could have been the philosophy carried through to today. Durability, quality and direct service are still core elements of Bowers & Wilkins today.

The first loudspeaker | Bowers & Wilkins P1

The development and distribution of the P1 laid the foundation for the company’s growth and capabilities in its founding year.

John Bowers reinvested the profit that the P1 brought in and bought new, better calibration equipment thanks to the fresh capital.

The new technology paid off, as only 2 years later the DM1 and DM3 models were created

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Bowers und Wilkins die geschichte 3 HiFi-Profis

Bowers & Wilkins | DM1 and DM3

With the new speaker models DM1 & DM3 Bowers & Wilkins made the leap into the living room.

The futuristic-looking design, at least futuristic for the end of the 60s, was a small revolution in the hi-fi market. But as advanced as the technology seemed, the engineers at Bowers & Wilkins were still in the early stages of their creative powers.

The 1970s the decade of milestones according to Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins DM70

The DM70 | The new way of loudspeaker design

Bowers & Wilkins presented a new way of looking at speakers with the DM70. The curved design was adopted industry-wide and continues to inspire today.

Bowers & Wilkins Dm6

1976 the year of birth of the Bowers & Wilkins DM6

The DM6 loudspeaker was designed by Sir Kenneth Grange and was the first Bowers & Wilkins system to use aramid fiber as the diaphragm material.

Bowers & Wilkins DM7 Tweeter on Top

The first time – “Tweeter on Top” at the DM7

As early as 1977, the idea was born to take the tweeter of the speakers out of the cabinet and put it on top of the speaker.

This innovative thought process caught on and thus, to this day, you’ll find the “tweeter on top” of the flagship speaker series.

Bowers & Wilkins 801 Erste Serie

1976 the year of birth of the Bowers & Wilkins DM6…

…also describes the birth year of the Modern HiFi era. The already successfully implemented “Tweeter on Top” concept was the intellectual basis for placing the drivers in separate chambers in the 801 loudspeaker.

Clear sound. Compact design

Bowers & Wilkins center speakers, like those in the Anniversary Edition, are very powerful despite their compact design. You will directly recognize and enjoy the authentic and precise sound.

Bowers & Wilkins Center Lautsprecher 1
Bowers Wilkins Centerlautsprecher Content 2 HiFi-Profis

The optimized tweeters from B&W

B&W doesn’t just do everything right visually with their tweeters. In the center speakers of the Anniversary Edition you will find decoupled double dome tweeters with a breakup frequency of 38kHz.

An icon. The 606 S2 from Bowers & Wilkins

The new 606 S2 Anniversary takes the award-winning approach of the 606 and improves upon it. The 606 is now even more attractive to music lovers thanks to the Continuum cone, double-layer decoupled tweeter, improved crossover design and a new elegant finsh.

The new 606 S2 Anniversary Edition has a refined and improved version of the proven decoupled double dome tweeter with a breakup frequency of 38 kHz. The result? An accurate and impressive reproduction of your favorite music.

BW 606 Anniversary Edition HiFi-Profis
Bowers Wilkins 607 S2 Anniversary Edition

Bowers & Wilkins Bookshelf Speaker 607 S2

The 607 S2 Anniversary Edition offers power and spaciousness, which contradicts its compact form. It has the Continuum ™ woofer/midrange and improved crossovers to ensure exceptional resolution and musicality.

Ideal for smaller rooms, the 607 S2 Anniversary Edition adds incredible insight and dynamics to your music. The 607 S2 Anniversary Edition uses the same breakthrough technologies as its sister models and is perfect for enjoying your music or delivering surround sound as part of a home cinema.

The 603 S2 Anniversary Edition…

…is the largest and most powerful speaker in the 600 Anniversary series. A floorstanding speaker designed to deliver exceptional power, precision and musicality. Perfect for larger rooms and also ideal for home cinema. Available in a new elegant wood look, as well as in black and white.

Multilayer, beautiful details

The new 603 S2 Anniversary Edition has a refined and improved version of the proven decoupled double dome tweeter with a breakup frequency of 38 kHz. The result? An accurate and impressive reproduction of your favorite music.

Powerful and controlled bass

The 603 S2 Anniversary Edition features two optimized bass cones that deliver high bass levels and exceptional precision for playing your favorite music and movies.

Bowers Wilkins 607 S2 Anniversary Edition Content 1 1 HiFi-Profis
Bowers Wilkins 700er Serie Content 1 HiFi-Profis

Goosebumps thanks to studio quality | The B&W 700 Series

Music. Movies. Television. Featuring the same high-end, studio-quality technologies as the 800 Series Diamond, the 702 S2 delivers sound quality so high it will turn your living room into a true sound oasis.

A house for high frequencies

The solid-state tweeter enclosure is machined from a solid block of aluminum, creating an acoustically optimized Gehäuse for the tweeter – one that is exceptionally immobile and resonance resistant.

Higher detail sharpness

Carbon Dome tweeters were developed specifically for the 700 Series. They provide a huge improvement on the double-dome aluminum tweeter, raising the resolution threshold to 47 kHz and delivering precise imaging and hairline detail.

Bowers Wilkins 800er Serie Content 1 1 HiFi-Profis

Instead of a conventional speaker shape…

…the cabinet feature a continuous rounded wooden front, in the center of which the driver units are mounted. This stiffer, acoustically more neutral structure counteracts mechanical resonances much better and also has a positive effect on sound radiation.

Bowers Wilkins 800er Serie Content 2 HiFi-Profis

Optimized Matrix™

Matrix bracing involves stiffening the speaker’s cabinet in each direction with interlocking plates. This reduces resonances and provides a more realistic sound image. The 803 D4 features arguably the best matrix design to date, ensuring optimal bandwidth, performance and speech intelligibility.

Bowers & Wilkins 800er Serie Content 3

Aluminum bass mounts

The 803 D4 features two Aerofoil™ cones with two solid aluminum bass surrounds, each clamped into an aluminum plate in the stiffest part of the curved cabinet. These enormously rigid structures, formed from a single piece of metal, are the ideal place for the powerful bass cones.

Our knowledge of sound

Innovation is at the heart of Bowers & Wilkins’ work. B&W questions, investigates, understands and then develops further. Using state-of-the-art simulation techniques, B&W engineers study and revise every detail of the speaker design.

Bowers & Wilkins 800er Serie Content 5
Bowers & Wilkins 800er Serie Content 4

Want more power?

The 803 D4 features all the characteristic components of the 800 Series Diamond, which of course include the distinctive Turbine Head housing. However, it is slightly smaller than the other two models with an attachment. For example, the 802 D4 offers larger bass cones (200 mm/8 inches) as well as a larger midrange driver (150 mm/6 inches).

B&W Loudspeaker in the store

In-Ear True Wireless Headphones from B&W

Do everything, hear everything. Bowers & Wilkins in-ear headphones are designed for an active life. They are measured against the same standards of audio excellence that have guided Bowers & Wilkins for 50 years.

No matter what you listen to, watch, or play, you won’t miss a single detail, no matter how small and important. The new aptX codec gives you pure, unparalleled audio playback no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Move completely freely and enjoy the noise-canceling microphones that block out distractions before they reach your ears. Just leave out the noise and stress from road traffic, train stations and in the office.

Bowers & Wilkins Kopfhörer
Bowers Wilkins Kopfhoerer Content 3 HiFi-Profis

Over-ear headphones with noise cancelling

Experience music always at the highest level. The powerful drivers and adaptive noise cancelling put your music front and center, no matter where you are.

Removes disturbing external noise

Adaptive Noise Cancelling that automatically responds to your environment to keep the outside world out of your music.

Up to 30 hours battery life

You can do a lot of things in 30 hours. Enough time to fly from California to London and back, for example. All this is possible with a single battery charge without interruption. And if that’s not enough, a quick charge of just 15 minutes will give you another 5 hours of playtime.

B&W Wireless Revolution

Formation is Bowers & Wilkins’ exclusive wireless technology that guarantees a premium Hi-Res audio listening experience – no matter how extensive your system. With a robust standalone network, the wireless speakers always provide perfect multi-room synchronization as well as excellent sound.

Bowers Wilkins Heimkino Content 2 HiFi-Profis
Bowers Wilkins Heimkino Content 3 HiFi-Profis

Sound from all directions

A whole cinema in one elegant soundbar.

Performance and definition that immerse you in your favorite movies and songs. Impressive design that fits discreetly into any interior. Formation Bar puts you right in the middle of the action.

The Formation Soundbar combines easily with Bass and Flex to create a high-performance wireless surround sound system.

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