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DYNAUDIO | Dynamics and Audio

DYNAUDIO loudspeakers are designed to meet the highest demands for sound quality. Implemented in noble surface finishes.

In the early days, DYNAUDIO was a surprise. Because the exterior resembled classic Danish (real) wood design. The content was more innovative and the technology ahead of its time.

The history of the company DYNAUDIO

The foundation of the company was the result of research by several engineers. They realized that not only the frequency response of the loudspeaker is decisive for the sound quality to be achieved. Here, the time correctness as well as the dynamic behavior play an extremely important role in music playback.

In 1977, these findings were realized in the P series. Many other sound innovations then found their way into the successful DYNAUDIO 80, 100 & 200 model series in the 1980s.

DYNAUDIO Consequence | The 1983 Icon

With the Consequence loudspeaker, DYNAUDIO created an icon in 1983. The loudspeaker was and still is recognized worldwide as a milestone in loudspeaker technology. To this day, the DYNAUDIO Consequence is a coveted rarity among connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Therefore, it is still made individually on special request.

The floorstanding speaker is designed for size in almost all of its features. With the 114 kg weight, an exceptional value is reached even here. But the really important details are in the craftsmanship that distinguishes this speaker.

The two 30cm woofers deliver a powerfuland balanced bass. Two drivers each were installed for the mids and trebles. From woofer/midrange to super tweeter, the DYNAUDIO Consequence achieves a tremendous range of detailed sound. Only a brand, a company, or almost a manufactory, like DYNAUDIO, with over 35 years of experience, can produce a loudspeaker with such consistency.

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contour 20 white piano lacquer half profile 1 HiFi-Profis
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2017 Focus XD Family HiFi-Profis

The DYNAUDIO Contour Series

The Contour is probably the most famous speaker model series from DYNAUDIO. You’ll also find many technologies from the Evidence & Platinum models in the bookshelf speakers.

Like all DYNAUDIO Speaker, the cabinet is extremely stable and thus low in vibration. DYNAUDIO achieves this stability and tranquility of sound through the mix of the front panel, a layer of damping material and the heavy front metal panel.

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DYNAUDIO Evoke | High-End Performance

The speakers of the DYNAUDIO Evoke model range always offers you an impressive sound experience. Whether in the living room, combined in the home cinema, or any other room of your choice.

The Evoke were provided by DYNAUDIO with the most advanced chassis technology and incorruptibly beautiful cabinet.

After months of intensive research and development, a speaker family of five models was created. Its extensive experience allowed the development team to combine cutting-edge technology from the Contour Series as well as the Confidence Series, which was also completely redesigned. The particularly high build quality as well as the traditionally elegant cabinet, which look outstanding in any listening environment, complete the overall picture. Evoke stands for exceptional value for money.

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DYNAUDIO Heritage | Authentic. Traditional.

Listen to craftsmanship. Listen to real wood. Listen to handmade state-of-the-art tweeters and woofers. Listen to over 2000 hours of development work, the deepest depths of your record collection. Listen to what you love.

This is a tribute to DYNAUDIO’s most legendary compact loudspeaker. Step closer and spot the little hints of the designs of the classics like the Crafft (1989) and the Special Twenty-Five (2002). There are references to the first Contour (1986). And even the back plate looks in the direction of Sapphire (2008) with a knowing eye.

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The Heritage Special…

…conveys that original inspiration that has shaped the name DYNAUDIO – and still comes up with new surprises. Run your fingers over the handcrafted American Walnut veneer. Discover the meticulously crafted transitions and corners of the hand-selected and individually assembled veneer panels. Pause at the unmistakable joint of the baffle. Remember the DYNAUDIO speakers you once coveted.

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Impressive from all sides

On the brushed aluminum back you will find WBT’s highest quality 710 Cu mC NextGen terminals – another high-end detail for the connoisseur. And when you plug your cables in there … well, we wouldn’t be surprised if you do exactly that two or three times; because it feels and sounds good.

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The inner workings of the Heritage

Take a close look at the tweeter. The DYNAUDIO historians among you will immediately notice the distinctive shape of the legendary Esotar T330D fabric dome tweeter. That alone justifies the attribute “Special”. But if you take your work seriously, you might as well do it so that the result is stunningly good.

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Dynaudio Standlautsprecher Gallerie 4 HiFi-Profis

DYNAUDIO | Timeless Danish Design

Evoke was created for real life. When designing these speakers, one criterion was paramount: they should look good in every conceivable listening environment. So our designers took models and prototypes home and set them up there. They spent time in furniture stores and furniture stores. They looked around where people live and enjoy their free time.

The woofer in the DYNAUDIO Evoke

The Evoke 30’s two 14 cm diameter Esotec+ woofers are made of MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) – a material we at Dynaudio have long used for our diaphragms. It offers the optimal combination of lightness, stiffness and damping, with which both a powerful and precise bass response and transparent, detailed mids can be heard.

Each speaker cone is created from a single piece of MSP. This gives them just the right amount of stiffness. At the same time, physical distortions are reduced during playback. It also creates an extremely resilient physical connection to the fiberglass voice coil carrier on the back (it’s glued directly under the Balance Ribs you see around the center). This means that even more kinetic energy can be transferred from the voice coil to the diaphragm.

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