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Buy Bang & Olufsen at HiFi-Profis Darmstadt

Bang & Olufsen have been synonymous with stunning design and unmistakable premium sound for decades. When you choose Bang & Olufsen, you choose one of, or even the highest class provider of hi-fi sound, individual designs and materials of the highest quality. We offer customers of our online store, as well as customers in the store, a top service through our own Bang & Olufsen studio manager, who accompanies you through the decision and purchase process and is available for all questions.

You want more individuality?

Bang & Olufsen is so diverse that we cannot illustrate all the variants.

Feel free to contact our B&O studio manager Stefan Asbeck for a personal consulting and an individual offer!

Buy speakers from Bang & Olufsen…

…is not an easy decision. Although it may be the lightest at the same time. Because when you buy speakers from B&O, if desired, you get a unique in appearance & a reliable system that will absolutely delight you even after many years. Whether it’s the 360° sound, the movable blades that align themselves exactly so that the listeners are always in the perfect beam angle to the speakers, or simply the enthusiasm for the almost incomparably high processing quality by which Bang & Olufsen distinguishes itself.
With the purchase of Bang & Olufsen speakers, you are, of course, in a price segment where not everyone can stay. But this is exactly the right place for audiophile design lovers like them. Hardly any other provider in the high-end segment, or indeed in any other, combines timeless design with recognition value paired with detailed and powerful sound, as the Danes manage. Let our Bang & Olufsen studio manager Stefan Asbeck advise you today and find exactly your speaker configuration.

Is it worth buying a Bang & Olufsen TV?

We believe that this question can only be answered by yourself. However, our experience says: Yes! The purchase of, for example a Bang & Olufsen Harmony is always worthwhile. Because the demands of individuals are just as individual as the design options Bang & Olufsen offers you across almost your entire range. With the purchase of a B&O TV, you not only get an excellent picture delivered by LG, which leaves virtually nothing to be desired, but also the best Bang & Olufsen sound.
Combined in one device, your new B&O TV will not only be the new projection screen for your favorite movie, but also the right sound system to enjoy it to the fullest. If the TV is not in use, you can simply use the integrated speakers and let the TV disappear almost completely behind the beautiful real wood panels.

Headphones from Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen may be known primarily for their home systems, but they also shine in everyday life. Whether you’re exercising, in the office, or on your way into town, Bang & Olufsen headphones give you the best sound you could ask for, even when you’re on the go. Once test listened and almost no one is more the question of whether to buy Bang & Olufsen headphones, but rather, which?!
As with their speakers, Bang & Olufsen deliver a product that doesn’t compromise on their headphones. The B&O headphones shine in terms of sound and really shine, if desired, with their looks. Let our B&O Studio Manager Stefan Asbeck advise you today and, if possible, come by to experience Bang & Olufsen’s unique products in action right away.