AudioQuest RCA Chicago

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AudioQuest RCA Chicago

  • Double balanced geometry
  • Hard cell foam
  • Noise dissipation system from a metal layer
  • Cold welded/gold plated

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AudioQuest RCA Chicago – RCA Cable

On March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, a green line is drawn along the middle of New York’s parade route, Fifth Avenue – a feat that any city can easily accomplish. Chicago, on the other hand, is the only city to color an entire river in the perfect shade of emerald green that pays tribute to Irish culture. Why green? Thanks to its lush vegetation, Ireland is often affectionately referred to as the Emerald Isle.

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Stephen M. Bailey, the man behind this transformation, boasted that he could turn the Chicago River into the River Shannon (Ireland’s longest river) for a day – and he actually did it.

There was no specific recipe for coloring a river, a bit of trial and error was required. After initially using more than 50 kg of dye, the river remained green for a week! In the second year, it was 25 kg, which turned the river green for three whole days.

In the third year, 25 pounds of the dye turned the river green for one day. Two years after that, because of environmental concerns, a new vegetable-based paint was developed that produces the perfect green liquid and lasts for four or five hours – here it’s 20 kg that does the trick.

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Cinch Chicago 1,5m

Metal Layer Noise Dissipation System (NDS)

Achieving 100 percent shielding is easy. To prevent “trapped” radio frequency (RF) interference from affecting the ground reference of the device, the AQ Noise Dissipation System (NDS) is required. Conventional shielding absorbs noise rustling and then dissipates it to component ground; this modulates and distorts the critical reference ground plane, which in turn distorts the signal.

The NDS “shields the screen” by picking up and reflecting most of the noise rustlingRF energy before it reaches the layer connected to ground.

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Double-Balanced Geometry

Designed specifically for single-ended applications, double-balanced geometry provides less impedance on ground for a fuller, more dynamic sound. While many single-ended cables use a single path for both ground and shielding, double-balanced designs separate the two for a cleaner, quieter performance.

Rigid cell foam insulation

Hard-cell foam (HCF) maintains the critical conductor geometry. Any solid material adjacent to a conductor becomes part of an incomplete electrical network. Cable insulation and the material of the printed circuit boards absorb energy. Some of this energy is stored and then released as distortion. Insulation made of rigid cell foam behaves similarly to the PE foam used in the less expensive Bridges & Falls cables and contains nitrogen injections that create air pockets.

Because nitrogen (like air) does not absorb energy and consequently does not release energy from or into the conductor, distortion is reduced. In addition, the stiffness of the material ensures that the cable’s conductors do not change position relative to each other over the entire length of the cable, creating a stable impedance character and further reducing distortion.

Cold welded, gold plated connectors

This connector design allows connections without solder – as this is a common source of interference. Because the end sleeves are stamped rather than machined, the metal can be selected for low distortion rather than machinability.

Solid conductors made of long crystalline copper (LGC)

Solid conductors prevent distortion caused by mutual interference of the strands. The solid long-crystalline copper (LGC) allows for a more balanced, clearer sound than cables with the usual oxygen-free, high-conductivity copper (OFHC).

OFHC is a general metals industry specification that considers “losses” without any consideration of bias. LGC contains fewer oxides in the conductive material, fewer impurities, fewer grain boundaries, and offers significantly better performance.


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