SVS SoundPath Tri-Band Wireless Audio Adapter

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SVS SoundPath Tri-Band Wireless Audio Adapter

The SVS Soundpath Tri-Band Wireless Audio Adapter is an optimized version of the standard wireless audio adapter and expands the Product range full-range wireless audio adapters. The tri-band version stands for flawless signal transmission without interference from other devices. Interconnectivity of all components without sacrificing performance.

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No more tangled cables – The SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter

Tri-band technology works flawlessly in congested wireless environments, automatically switching between 2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz and 5.8 GHz radio bands to select the most stable channel for uninterrupted audio playback. Highly resistant to interference from Wi-Fi based security cameras, routers, smart TVs and other wireless devices. Uncompromising sound quality Relays a pristine CD-quality audio signal (16 bit / 48 kHz) up to 30 m without a noticeable delay.

True stereo signal

The stereo signal transmission to the left / right unlocks the wireless connection for one or more subwoofers, 2-channel zone with active speakers, amplifiers, active surround speakers and more.

Quick and easy installation

Simply connect the transmitter to an audio source via an RCA connection and connect the receiver to a subwoofer or powered speakers. Transmitter and receiver are pre-paired, and furnishing takes only a few minutes:

  • Connect the transmitter via RCA to an AV receiver, TV or other audio source
  • Connect the receiver to a subwoofer, powered speakers, power amplifier, or other line-level devices
  • Make sure that both the transmitter and receiver are powered (via the supplied wall adapter or USB source)
  • Wait a few seconds until the adapters are synchronized and you are ready to go
  • Up to three receivers can be paired with one transmitter to create a distributed audio system for multiple rooms or to use multiple subwoofers or Speaker
    • One transmitter and one receiver device
    • 2 x 17-inch 3.5mm stereo male to stereo male RCA adapter cable
    • 2 x 15-inch 3.5 mm to male mono RCA adapter cable
    • 2 x USB 5V DC, 1A power adapter
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