inakustik LS-404 MICRO AIR BFA 2x3m SingleWire

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inakustik LS-404 MICRO AIR BFA 2x3m SingleWire | Micro Air technology

  • Air dielectric
  • Concentric Copper Conductor Structure
  • 8-fold multicore architecture

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The new REFERENZ LS-404 MICRO AIR continues the success story of MICRO AIR technology: As with the already legendary AIR Helix cables, air is a central component of the insulation concept in the REFERENZ MICRO AIR technology. Due to the low loudspeaker impedances, but also the low line resistances and a low inductance coating, makes it very important for loudspeaker cables. For this reason, the REFERENCE LS-404 MICRO AIR uses a total of 8 Concentric Copper conductors in addition to the air dielectric. Thanks to this multicore architecture, the magnetic fields of the positive and negative conductors overlap and neutralize each other. This significantly reduces the inductance of the cable, which guarantees undistorted transmission of the audio signal over a wide frequency spectrum. Following the approach, the LS-404 therefore has an extremely balanced sound character with precise timing that is enthroned on a sovereign controlled foundation. This cable is primarily designed for full-grown floorstanding speakers. Of course, sound impression is always subjective and depends not least on the overall constellation of a hi-fi system. In the end, the decisive factor is your own personal listening impression.

Micro Air technology

Laws of nature cannot be eliminated. You can only use them cleverly. Due to these natural laws, every cable has so-called parasitic effects. Among other things, this includes capacity – the fact that a cable, like a battery, stores energy temporarily and releases it again with a time delay. An effect that strongly influences the transmission of audio signals and is undesirable. The line capacitance is a physical phenomenon whose size depends on various factors. An essential one is the insulation material, i.e. the so-called dielectric, which can increase the capacitance many times over. Air, on the other hand, does not do this and is therefore the ideal insulator. Part of the insulation of MICRO AIR technology is a complex diamond-shaped structure. The chambers created by this design increase the distance between the conductors and increase the amount of air in the insulation. In this way, troublesome capacitances are reduced and the transmission characteristics for the sensitive audio signals are optimized.

inakustik LS 404 MICRO AIR BFA 2x3m SingleWire HiFi-Profis
inakustik LS 404 MICRO AIR BFA 2x3m SingleWire 2 HiFi-Profis

Concentric Copper

Unlike conventional conductor setups, in which the arrangement of individual wires in a conductor is chaotic, the arrangement of wires in Concentric Copper conductors is subject to a precisely defined scheme in which the wires are precisely arranged in multiple layers. This design reduces irregular contact points between the wires, which harmonizes the signal flow and minimizes propagation time differences. Impulses can be reproduced with pinpoint accuracy and the spatial information of the music is preserved. A thin layer of polyethylene protects the high-purity copper from oxygen and thus from oxidation.

“Bitchy” beasts

A speaker cable must transport energy and information in equal measure. Loudspeakers can also be rather “bitchy” little beasts that, from an electrotechnical point of view, have a very dynamic life of their own. They behave differently with each tone and volume and must be permanently controlled by the amplifier. Therefore, the signal in a speaker cable is a potpourri of tiny to very large levels, alternating voltages and alternating currents of varying frequency and phase. However, in order to ensure that even the finest details, which make up the room and sound and lend emotion to the music, are transmitted undistorted, the cable must, figuratively speaking, tie the loudspeaker to the amplifier as tightly as possible. And by applying the laws of physics, using the right materials and appropriate cable architecture, these beasts can certainly be tamed.

inakustik LS 404 MICRO AIR BFA 2x3m SingleWire 3 HiFi-Profis
PB inakustik LS 404 MICRO AIR BFA 2x3m SingleWire HiFi-Profis

The connections

The REFERENCE LS-404 MICRO AIR is assembled with BFA bananas or with cable lugs. The surfaces of the BFA bananas and the cable lugs are refined with a rhodium layer and are therefore extremely durable. The contact surfaces and the screw connection of the cable lugs are made of one piece, which avoids transition resistances. The laterally slotted contact surface deforms concavely when the device terminals are tightened, thus preventing the cable lugs from slipping out.

The cable manufactory

Like the AIR HELIX cables, the REFERENZ cables with MICRO AIR technology are manufactured in-house in Germany. In addition to the complex, manual assembly of the cables, this naturally also includes the corresponding quality control. Every cable is put through its paces after production. Functional tests as well as mechanical tests are carried out. And of course, the live performance is also checked as part of the product development. For the highest possible precision and low-loss signal transmission.

inakustik LS-204 im Testlabor


  • 1 x Stereo set reference LS-404 Micro AIR
  • Quality certificate


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