Pro-Ject Clamp it

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Pro-ject Clamp it | Ideal solution for unwanted resonances

Functional, easy to use and immediately effective sound tuning!

  • Quick and simple
  • Sound improvement

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Plate clamp

The sound quality of vinyl records improves significantly when unwanted resonances that occur between the record and turntable during playback are reduced. Therefore, the plate and platter should form a close connection. Conventional plate pucks try to achieve this goal by their high dead weight, which can have 2 main disadvantages:

1) The increased weight causes an increase in rumble and wear on main bearings not designed for it.

2) Instead of the intended closer contact between the record and the platter, the opposite is often achieved: due to the heavy weight in the center of the record, the record curves and the edge loses contact with the platter.

Both of these factors audibly worsen the playback precision.

Clampt it HiFi-Profis
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Acoustic enhancement

Clamp it avoids both mistakes and represents the ideal solution. The clamping mechanism is simply plugged onto the center axis of the platter, without any increase in weight and associated rumble. The contact pressure can be finely adjusted according to the degree of curvature of the plate. To assemble within a few seconds! Due to its high quality finish, Clamp it is not only acoustically but also visually a jewel that enhances any turntable.


  • Sound improvement for all turntable
  • Reduces unwanted resonances that occur during the playback process
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Fine adjustment of the contact pressure
  • Full metal version
  • Precision manufacturing with diamond cutting tool
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Technical data

  • Aluminum with leather cover
  • 78 mm
  • 33 mm
  • 120 g


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