Pro-Ject Connect it 5P-CC

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Pro-Ject Connect it 5P-CC | phono cable with ground wire

  • Optimized for use with turntable
  • Extremely flexible, low capacitance with paralell symmetrical conductor routing and perfect shielding
  • High quality handmade and technically correct construction

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Cable without “sound”

Signal cables from Pro-Ject are primarily optimized for use with turntable. That is, extremely flexible, low capacitance with paralell symmetrical conductor routing and perfect shielding. They are high quality handmade and technically correct construction.

Neutral cables

The goal is to offer cables that are as neutral as possible without any inherent sound. Therefore, Pro-Ject Audio uses only European “state-of-the-art” components for conductor and dielectric. The RCA connectors were selected based on sonic considerations after long mechanical tests and intensive listening.

The available lengths of the cables result from the specific conduction speed of electrical signals (runtime-optimized cable lengths). These high requirements and quality features also make it as a standard interconnect, the optimal lossless connection of all hi-fi components.

Model 5P-CC

Phono cable with ground wire, 2x RCA/Cinch + , 1x straight or angled 5-pin. Tonearm connector, 90º angled 5-pin.

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