Lehmann Audio Drachenfels USB

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Lehmann Audio Drachenfels USB | Convertible champion with high standards

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The Lehmann Audio Drachenfels USB

With the introduction of the Linear in 2004, Lehmann Audio took music playback through headphone amplifiers to a new level of quality. The Drachenfels now stands for a new generation of headphone amplifiers: Our champion at an entry-level price scores with state-of-the-art technology and can always be adapted to new circumstances with its module options. In terms of sound, the immense richness of detail with simultaneous absolute control of the action is particularly striking. Even in the thickest musical din, structure remains audible and every detail clear.

Analog? Digital? Drachenfels!

The modular concept with state-of-the-art components opens up long-term perspectives for quality-conscious music connoisseurs with sustainability requirements. Whether streaming via WiFi or Ethernet, connecting Bluetooth sources or conventional digital players – thanks to module boards available at short notice, the Lehmann Audio Drachenfels has the right answer to all these requirements. Even when new digital standards come in, a simple replacement of the module and back panel will make an upgrade possible!

The Drachenfels has a practical gain of 12 dB, which makes gain switching unnecessary thanks to the smoothly gliding Blue Velvet ALPS potentiometer with high synchronization and the enormously low-noise circuitry. The front-mounted power switch reduces standby power consumption to less than 1 W in an environmentally friendly manner. Its space-saving dimensions also offer you a variety of options for accommodating the Drachenfels. Use it as a headphone amplifier or preamplifier and experience the happiness of intense music enjoyment.

Lehmann Audio Drachenfels USB

Listen to digital music in a new way: The USB version of the Lehmann Audio Drachenfels plays your music files from PC, Mac or even cell phone in audiophile quality. The Drachenfels USB automatically detects an incoming USB audio stream and does not require an input selector switch. Whether from a digital or analog source, our compact local hero lets you experience your favorite music in a fatigue-free, detailed, and engaging way. You’ll never think of your headphones as a stop gap again.


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