Lehmann Audio Linear D II

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Lehmann Audio Linear D II | Clarity, power and class

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Clarity, power and class

Since Lehmannaudio turned the “emergency exit” of classic hi-fi amplifiers into a gateway to a different music perception with the Linear in 2004, sonically frustrating headphone outputs are history. The Linear D in the latest mk II version now shows that it can be even better: Its latest-generation digital-to-analog converter and its fundamentally elaborately renewed analog circuit board provide completely new horizons when listening to your favorite music – goosebumps guaranteed.

Comfort and performance

The Linear D mk II perfectly complements streamers and CD players. It detects digital signals, automatically selects the optimal input, and does not require an input selector switch. The Sabre DAC from ESS on the four-layer board optimized against RF interference has one digital S/PDIF and one TOSLINK input each. Low-loss mica capacitors on the main board and in the analog filter of the converter as well as ultra-fast amplifier stages on the converter board guarantee reference quality in impulse reproduction. The revised analog board in Low-Z copper offers a completely new dynamic. With three gain settings, the Linear D mk II adapts to the most diverse combinations of headphones and sound sources, and with two digital inputs and one analog input, it also proves breathtakingly expressive as a streaming preamp to active speakers.

The Linear D mk II makes happy those who want to enjoy music intensively and unadulterated, and it brings together those who share musical enjoyment: Two parallel outputs on the discrete Class A transistor output stages powerfully feed two headphones of the same impedance without diminishing the listening experience. 3S unit feet decouple the Linear D mk II from the ground and ensure quietness. Thus, the Linear D mk II now sounds even more plastic: Powerful, never superficial bass, filigree resolution and weightless elegance over the entire frequency spectrum. Turn the massive, damped potentiometer of the Linear D mk II. Rediscover your analog and digital music treasures!

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