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Sennheiser IE600 | Gives the sound a presence and intimacy

  • Resistant AMLOY-ZR01 amorphous metal cabinet 3D printed in Germany
  • Direct, neutral tuning with fast, precise bass
  • Selected 7 mm TrueResponse transducers optimized for lowest possible distortion
  • Exceptionally neutral sound thanks to double resonator chamber
  • Gold-plated Fidelity (+) MMCX connectors for reliable connections
  • Para-aramid reinforced cables with 3.5 and 4.4 mm connectors
  • Adjustable ear hooks and a choice of ear adapters
  • Frequency response: 4 Hz to 46.5 kHz
  • Distortion factor: 0.06 % (1 kHz, 94 dB)
  • Impedance: 18 Ohm

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Profi Opinion

"With cable? But of course! Anyone who wants to listen to audiophile music on the go these days should take a closer look at these in-ears...better listen to them. The Sennheiser IE600s reveal a world of sound that standard Bluetooth plugs can't even imagine."

Important notes:

IE 600 – Exceptional. Down to the last detail.

This exceptional earphone doesn’t just reproduce the details and emotions of a recording – it amplifies them. Because every IE 600 is a masterpiece. From the hand-finished amorphous metal cabinet to the high-end audio components designed and manufactured by Sennheiser, every detail of these earphones has been thought out and crafted with the utmost care. The well-balanced frequency response of the IE 600 promises an unadulterated, natural reproduction – and due to the high-quality materials it is able to keep this promise even after many years.

A balanced, neutral sound image

A benchmark for Sennheiser’s engineers in developing the IE 600 was the neutral reproduction behavior of high-end studio monitors. For this purpose, the acoustic back volume inside the earphone has been optimized. Careful tuning provides a presence and tonal intimacy that brings you even closer to your music, always revealing new accents and details.

New accents and details

This gives the sound a presence and intimacy that gets very close to the music, so that completely new accents and details become audible. Achieving this level of balance and naturalness was a real challenge. Thus, it can be difficult for the human ear to perceive all nuances when similar sounds occur simultaneously in a piece of music. Enabling such a sovereign and natural reproduction presented the developers with great challenges. For example, masking effects occur when two similar sounds are superimposed in a recording – the nuances are lost. The IE 600 is therefore equipped with dual-chamber absorbers (D2CA) that absorb masking frequencies so that even the finest textures of a recording become audible.

SennheiserIE600 2 HiFi-Profis
SennheiserIE600 3 HiFi-Profis

Stronger than steel, built for a long life

For many years, researchers have worked to perfect amorphous metals for processing.

Glossy satin finish

The effort was worth it: the zirconium alloy from Heraeus Amloy Technologies that Sennheiser selected for the IE 600 is three times harder and more resistant to bending than high-performance steel. Amorphous metals are flash-frozen during production and thus cannot form a crystalline structure as conventional metals do. The result is a glossy, satin finish that is exceptionally resistant to corrosion and scratches.

New material

The cabinet the IE 600 is manufactured using a 3D printing process based on metal powder, which can be used to create any conceivable shape within tight tolerances. Chambers and channels are created as part of this additive manufacturing process, which does not require milling. However, the application of the new material is limited by its cost.

Exceptional resistance

One of the few places it can be found, other than in ultra-high-end products like the IE 600, is in the drill head of a NASA Mars rover, where exceptional resistance under extreme conditions is absolutely essential.

Automated manufacturing, manual processing

The manufacture of the cabinet from ZR01-amorphous metal is carried out in Germany. It includes both automated and manual steps.

Perfect shape

A computer-controlled laser sintered a thin layer of metal powder and welded the molten alloy to the already hardened material underneath. In this way, the complete cabinet is created layer by layer. A technician then manually removes any residue from the manufacturing process.

Elaborate surface treatment

Thorough cleaning, steel shot blasting, polishing and a complex surface treatment give the cabinet its final, extremely durable aesthetic. Even daily use leaves virtually no traces in the form of scratches or wear.

SennheiserIE600 4 HiFi-Profis
SennheiserIE600 5 HiFi-Profis

A faithful companion on all sound journeys

Each TrueResponse transducer is assembled by Sennheiser and built to last.

Exceeding the expectations of audiophiles

Sennheiser’s manufacturing facility is one of the most advanced production lines of its kind in the world and has a single goal: to exceed audiophiles’ expectations. In this way, they achieve a channel matching where left-right differences are almost imperceptible. And a harmonious overall distortion that has no competition to fear.

Rugged protection

This exceptional product quality is protected by extremely durable amorphous metal, so your IE 600 will remain in like-new condition for many years. With its high resistance to corrosion and signs of wear, the IE 600 was designed to provide decades of acoustic – and visual – pleasure.

With the comfort of a custom made

The IE 600 packs big sound into a small, ergonomic cabinet.

More stability and better leadership

The gold-plated MMCX connectors are recessed in the cabinet for more stability and better guidance. They support cable diameters of 4.8 mm and smaller, so you can connect a wide range of audio sources as well as hi-fi components with balanced outputs.

Long-term wearing comfort

Choose between para-aramid reinforced unbalanced and balanced cables: 3.5mm and 4.4mm are included, 2.5mm is sold separately. Two different types of ear adapters – silicone and memory foam – are included in three sizes to ensure a tight and comfortable fit in each ear. Flexible, adjustable earpieces further enhance long-term wearing comfort.

SennheiserIE600 6 HiFi-Profis


  • Single dynamic driver, pressure chamber
  • 4 – 46,500 Hz
  • Ear canal
  • 118 dB at 1 kHz, 1 Vrms
  • <0.06% (1 kHz, 94 dB)
  • 125 cm
  • Fidelity (+) MMCX
  • 18 Ω system impedance
  • 25dB


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