Hifiman Ananda Version 2

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Hifiman Ananda Version 2 | Impressive sound

  • Without significant distortions
  • For a long wearing comfort
  • Flexible cable
  • Asymmetrical ear pads

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Hifiman Ananda Version 2

The Ananda magnetostatic headphones replaced the Edition X model in HIFIMAN’s portfolio. Meanwhile, there is a new edition of both. ANANDA version 2 now comes with the technology of stealth magnets in addition to the NEO “supernano” diaphragms of its predecessor. HIFIMAN’s all-rounder can now do even more.

Impressive sound

Inside it, ultra-thin diaphragms of the latest generation perform lightning-fast work. The NEO “supernano” diaphragm called films are again 80% thinner than previous developments. This is combined with newly designed stealth magnets.

They literally no longer stand in the way of their good sound. Sound waves no longer break on them, causing distortion. The Ananda’s characteristic sound pressure level is 103 dB, enabling impressive sound even at low output voltages.

Hifiman Ananda Version 2 2 HiFi-Profis

Dreamlike music

Ananda version 2 shines on smartphones or portable music players without significant distortion. Of course, it becomes seriously dreamy at a high-quality headphone amplifier or a headphone output of a good HiFi amplifier, provided that the output is not only to fulfill a token function at the device. Here its sound unfolds: open, powerful, warm and balanced on a wide stage.

Hifiman Ananda Version 2 1 HiFi-Profis

More features

At 440 g, the handset is not heavy. Headband and driver suspensions are designed to ensure long wearing comfort. The asymmetrical ear pads follow the natural shape of the head and ear.

The headband is made of flexible steel and can be adjusted to fit the head size. The included cable is very flexible, does not tend to tangle and is optimized against microphonics.


  • Open headphone design
  • 8 Hz – 55 kH
  • 1.5m connection cable with 3.5 jack (and adapter to 6.3mm)


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