Meze Audio Empyrean

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Meze Audio Empyrean | High Quality Materials, Exquisite Craftsmanship

  • Driver Type – Rinaro Isodynamic Hybrid Array
  • Working principle – Open
  • Ear canal fitting – circumaural / circumaural closure
  • Frequency response – 4 – 110,000 Hz
  • Impedance – 31.6 Ω
  • Nominal sound pressure level – 100 dB (1 mW / 1 kHz)
  • Maximum SPL – >130 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) – <0.1%
  • Weight ~ 430 g

Daniel Roth
hifi profi

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Profi Opinion

"Highest resolution without any sharpness - This is the parade discipline of the Planar Magnetic Super Headphones. Wearing comfort and workmanship leave nothing to be desired. With the Empyrean, hours of listening become pure enjoyment."

Important notes:

Cable optional: - 3m OCC copper to 6.3mm jack, or - 1.3 m OCC copper to 3.5mm jack

Meze Audio & Rinaro Isodynamics | The Empyrean Headphones

Empyrean is the product of two companies working together with passion to create something that could only come from the combination of their two skills.

The result is a pair of headphones that uncompromisingly combines two things: Meze Audio’s bold aesthetics and user-centered design, and Rinaro’s research and development in the field of planar magnetics.

Rinaro a driver of innovation since the 1980s

Rinaro, an advanced audio company, has at the heart of its technology a research and development team that has been at the forefront of planar magnet development since the 1980s. What originally began as a government-sponsored initiative focused on innovation has now opened a new chapter in audio advancement with the opening of a state-of-the-art industrial facility in Ukraine.

Meze Audio Empyrean | Isodynamic® Hybrid Array Driver Architecture

The neodymium magnets are arranged symmetrically on each side of the diaphragm, forming a hybrid array to create an efficient isodynamic magnetic field required for uniform activation over the entire diaphragm surface.

Meze Audio Empyrean Funktionsweise Array Treiber HiFi-Profis
Meze Audio Empyrean Produktionsstaette HiFi-Profis

Advantages of the hybrid array driver

The hybrid array driver in the Meze Audio Empyrean combines two independently shaped voice coils in the same diaphragm, delivering more selective acoustic performance to different areas within the ear structure.

Meze Audio Empyrean Funktionsweise Array Treiber 2

Precise reproduction
The total harmonic distortion is below 0.1% in the entire frequency range

Low weight
Reduced weight of the driver to create a headphone that allows long listening sessions

Ergonomic shape
Ergonomically shaped driver structure with an increased active area

Ultra high resolution audio
The upper frequency limit of audio playback is 110,000 Hz

Ultra Efficient
[email protected]/1kHz High power without amplification

Patent Pending Isodynamic Hybrid Array Driver
World first in planar magnetic headphones

Meze Audio Empyrean Kachel 1

Over 30 years of research and development…

…have led to the development of the first isodynamic hybrid array driver. Meze Audio has collaborated with Rinaro to create a new standard in planar magnetic audio. The resulting technology is one of the easiestand most advanced planar magnetic drivers on the market.

Meze Audio Empyrean Kachel 2

The Empyrean driver…

…combines individual switchback and spiral voice coils, whose unique shape allows for more precise alignment of sound with the natural shape of the ear. This unique combination produces increased exposure of direct sound wave frequencies over the 10 kHz range and improves imaging and localization by reducing the influence of short wavelength time delays caused by stray field reflections.

Audible advantages of a dual-drive system in the Meze Audio Empyrean

One of the problems with conventional planar magnetic arrays is that the reflected signals enter the ear canal with different time delays, degrading the focus of 3D sound imaging. The combination of different voice coil configurations allows better distribution of sound intensity across the sound wave front at high frequencies when directed at the auricle and ear canal.

Isoplanar® membrane material

The membrane is made of a specially developed isotropic, thermally stabilized polymer with a conductive layer. Unique processing methods have resulted in an ultra-light yet rigid membrane.

Switchback coil

The switchback coil is more efficient at reproducing low frequencies and is located in the upper part of the driver.

Spiral coil

The spiral coil is more efficient at reproducing mid and high frequencies and is positioned directly over the ear canal, allowing sound waves to enter the ear more directly and without time delay.

Meze Audio Empyrean Kachel 3 HiFi-Profis
Meze Audio Empyrean Kachel 4

Meze Audio Empyrean | The approach of ergonomics as a new way of thinking

Meze Audio Empyrean Ergonomie 1 HiFi-Profis
Meze Audio Empyrean Ergonomie 2 HiFi-Profis

To create audiophile headphones that are powerful yet lightweight, the driver needed to maximize output power while reducing weight as much as possible.

Meze Audio Empyrean Ergonomie 3 HiFi-Profis

The weight has been minimized by an optimized magnetic structure with an oval shape that fits the ear better. Power output has been increased through the use of a fully customized coil and magnet array design that optimizes the driver’s active area within its oval shape.

The components of the Empyrean

Meze Audio Empyrean Bauteile

Meze Audio & Rinaro | Empyrean

Meze Audio Empyrean Design 1 HiFi-Profis
Meze Audio Empyrean Design 2 1 HiFi-Profis
Meze Audio Empyrean Design 4 1 HiFi-Profis
Meze Audio Empyrean Design 5 1 HiFi-Profis
Meze Audio Empyrean Design 3 1 HiFi-Profis


  • 4-110,000 Hz
  • 31,6 Ω
  • 100 dB (1 mW / 1 kHz)
  • > 130 dB
  • ~ 430 g
  • Size: 102 mm x 73 mm
  • Weight: 82 g
  • Gehäuse: Glass fiber reinforced ABS
  • Lower Frequency Limit: 4 Hz
  • Upper-Frequency Limit: 110,000 Hz


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