T+A Solitaire P-SE

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T+A Solitaire P-SE | Music reproduction in perfection

  • 100 dB
  • Maximum sound pressure: > 130 dB
  • Characteristic sound pressure: 101 dB

Alexander von Oelsen
hifi profi

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Profi Opinion

"The East Westphalian noble forge T+A also masters the headphone construction, as the Solitaire P-SE impressively proves. Excellent sound and comfortable to wear!"

Important notes:

EISA Award 2021/2022 / 2 cables included in delivery

The T+A Solitaire P-SE headphones

The Solitaire P-SE is based on the groundbreaking new development of the Solitaire P, which pushes the magnetostatic principle to perfection. Like each of the headphones, the Solitaire P-SE is built without compromise, because it has only one goal: music reproduction in perfection. From the TPM 2500 transducer system to the bracket connection, all parts and assemblies are manufactured with precision tooling and the minimum possible tolerances.

Depending on the function and area of application, plastics with different features are used: the shells have very high internal damping, and the forks and bracket mountings are extremely resilient and robust. The surfaces are finished with special paints from aircraft technology. The ingenious design of the TPM 2500 linearizes the sound field and the radiation pattern through the arrangement of the magnets, sound guide and diaphragm. The music is reproduced unadulterated, the Solitaire P-SE reveals what is there: True-to-nature reproduction is the prime duty of all T+A devices.

Construction and material

Many planar magnetic headphones have low efficiency, often very low impedance and high weight. Disadvantages avoided in the design from the outset. The decisive factors here were new approaches to solutions, considerable design effort and the use of the best materials. Several close-tolerance assemblies made of high-strength plastics or carbon, interlock. To ensure that they meet tolerances down to the hundredth and guarantee a perfect fit, they are manufactured using precision tools.

The head and ear pads are handcrafted in a special factory in Germany from allergen-free imitation leather and velour and specially adapted to the specifications of the T+A Solitaire P-SE. As early as the development process, this lays the foundation for very comfortable wear on the skin, regardless of the duration of wear.

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solitaire p kopfhoererkabel cards HiFi-Profis

Headphone cable

The connecting cables act as a decisive intermediate link in the chain for the sound quality. T+A has designed them symmetrically, with very low inductance and capacitance, and matched their impedance. They are made of high-purity copper (OFC) and have a precisely defined silver plating. The four signal conductors are bedded in cotton threads and tightly wrapped with a silver-plated shielding braid.

Electromagnetic influences are kept away by this process and mechanical resonances are damped. The connectors are of the highest quality. Special 3.5 mm mini jacks are used in the headphones, which, like the jacks, are high-quality gold-plated on the headphone side and have no contact resistances.

The entire wiring harness, including connectors and splitters, is molded and sheathed in a single operation. This makes it very robust and durable, but still highly flexible. The insulators of the cables are made of high-quality Hytrel® and TPE, these elastomers are free of PVC and latex and are manufactured without the addition of toxic plasticizers.

Two sets of cables are included, one set with 6.3 mm jack plug and one set with balanced 4.4 mm Pentaconn plug as standard. The Pentaconn connector has optimal contact resistances and therefore has the best sound properties. Optionally, a cable with a four-pin XLR connector can be included instead of the 4.4 mm Pentaconn cable set.


The T+A Solitaire P-SE is driven by the TPM 2500 manufacture transducers developed and manufactured in Herford. The TPM 2500 is based on the design of the TPM 3100 installed in T+A’s flagship Solitaire P model.

The high-performance neodymium magnets of the TPM 2500 are not only precisely adapted in length to the oval shape of the diaphragm, but also have a precisely calculated circular segment shape, which ensures that the outgoing magnetic field lines have a homogeneous course and there are no air turbulences, the flow is kept laminar.

Due to the precise design of the mounting rings and the magnet carrier, the diaphragm is always located exactly in the linear part of the magnetic field and can generate high sound pressures without distortion and with enormous dynamics almost without inertia. Therefore, it is also not necessary to use opposing magnet systems.

As a result, the system weight drops dramatically, with the diaphragm now free to vibrate in the direction of the ear pad – additional acoustic obstacles between the transducer diaphragm and the ear are eliminated by this design.

The membrane of the TPM 2500 itself consists of a thin and thus very light foil material, which is coated with a precisely routed and calculated conductor path made of copper, whose impedance is about 45 ohms.

The open design of the Solitaire P-SE avoids the resonance problems of closed systems and allows the diaphragm to vibrate unaffected. The music signal is thus preserved completely and unaltered.

solitaire p se wandler cards HiFi-Profis
  • Planar magnetic
  • 45 Ohm
  • 8 Hz – 45 kHz
  • < 0.015 % @ 100 dB
  • 101 dB @ 1 kHz, 1V
  • elliptical 110 x 80 mm
  • open, circumaural
  • wired, unbalanced 6.35 mm, balanced 4.4 mm Pentaconn or XLR-4-pin
  • Thermoplastic, steel, allergen-free imitation leather, velour
  • 440 g without cable


Internet radio


Airplay, Bluetooth, Digital input, Multiroom capable, Spotify Connect


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