Sennheiser TV Clear Set

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Sennheiser TV Clear Set | Experience TV like never before

  • Excellent speech intelligibility
  • Ambient Perception Option
  • Comfortable fit for long evenings watching TV

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Sennheiser TV Clear Set

With the featherweight TV Clear True Wireless earphones, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear TV sound and dialogue at the volume you choose. Five speech intelligibility profiles, the Ambient Awareness option, and an extra-comfortable fit ensure an unparalleled viewing experience.

Uncompromising clarity – With Speech Clarity technology from Sennheiser

Understand actors and TV announcers at any time.

Enjoy clear, easy-to-follow dialogue – even when background noise is present or actors mumble. This is made possible with the speech intelligibility function. It boosts the higher frequencies that are important for human voices.

You can choose from five different Profito get a customized TV sound. Enjoy an unheard of TV experience. Because watching television is more fun when listening is not an imposition.

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Stay approachable even when watching TV

Use the Ambient Awareness option to hear what is happening around you.

Perhaps someone speaks to you while you are wearing your earphones, or the doorbell rings. Some in-ear headphones make it difficult to perceive important acoustic signals from the environment. Not so TV Clear. Here you can simply activate the “Ambient Awareness” option and listen to what is happening around you. Perfect for watching TV together with family and friends, or when you expect visitors.

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Well audible, hardly noticeable

Enjoy wireless freedom with the TV Clear True Wireless earphones. And they are incredibly comfortable.

Headphone cables that get knotted and rustle with every movement have no place in a modern living room. With TV Clear True Wireless earphones, you can get comfortable on the couch or walk around the room at ease. It doesn’t get any more convenient than this.

There is also no headband to get caught in your glasses. Included are adapters in different sizes that allow you to fit the earphones perfectly. The stabilizing silicone wings ensure that they sit securely in the ear at all times.

Suitable for all your devices

Connect the TV Clear earphones and your TV using the transmitter or use them directly on your tablet, smartphone or notebook via Bluetooth.

The transmitter connects to your TV’s audio output (optical or analog), making it compatible with virtually any device. It also ensures picture-synchronous sound transmission in high quality. Since the earphones also support Bluetooth, they can be used for media streaming on the go.

No matter what device you are using: TV Clear is always with you and ensures optimal speech intelligibility. Once the earphones are paired with your smartphone, they can also be used for hands-free calls.

Excellent sound without forced pauses

Long battery life and a convenient app provide an unlimited, customized listening experience.

When used on the transmitter, you can use your TV Clear earphones for up to 15 hours on a single charge. Another 22 hours of playtime are possible by charging in the TV Clear charging box. This means: a total of 37 hours of transparent TV sound without forced pause at the power outlet.

You can also conveniently charge the TV Clear earphones wirelessly on a Qi-enabled charging pad or more traditionally on a USB-C power adapter.

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  • Bluetooth headset: yes
  • System consisting of: consisting of wireless headphones + charging case
  • Transducer type: dynamic transducer
  • frequency response lower limit (Hz): 20
  • frequency response upper limit (Hz): 20000
  • max. sound pressure (dB): 100.5
  • transducer diameter (mm): 6
  • Function extension via apps: yes
  • Integrated microphone: yes
  • Handsfree: yes
  • Bluetooth transmission standard A2DP: yes
  • Power supply by battery: yes
  • Li-ion battery: yes
  • wireless charging function: yes
  • Qi standard: yes
  • Operating time with battery power (hrs.): 15
  • charging time for battery (hrs.): 2
  • range (m): 15
  • distortion factor (%): 0.5
  • weight, earpiece (g): 5.7
  • Ear coupling: In-ear coupling
  • splash-proof Gehäuse: yes
  • width with packing (cm): 12.7
  • height with packing (cm): 6.3
  • depth with packing (cm): 17
  • weight with packing (kg): 0.38
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


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