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AVM EVOLUTION CS 3.3| Streaming CD Receiver

  • All-in-one streaming CD receiver with 2 x 350 W
  • Speaker A & B
  • X-Stream Engine® for HiRes streaming incl. DSD, controllable via RC X APP
  • Prepared for Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Webradio (upgradeable)
  • Powerful phono input and switchable with complete setting options MM & MC in personal setup menu (CS HMI or with RC X APP).
  • HDMI (ARC) input

Max Fuchs
hifi profi

[email protected]

Profi Opinion

"For me, THE all-in-one in 2022. Sonically outstanding and with well thought-out functions. Especially nice: The terminating resistor of the phono input can be adjusted via app."

Important notes:

CS 3.3

The CS 3.3 operates completely as a pure transistor device. All other connection and performance data correspond to those in CS 5.3. The most striking distinguishing feature is the closed casing cover made of brushed aluminum.

Created from the best genes: The CS 3.3

AVM has a decades-long tradition of developing all-in-one devices with true high-end sound quality since the 1990s. Based on the AVM X-Stream Engine®, a new powerful generation of our EVOLUTION All-in-One CS devices has been created. Numerous innovations have been incorporated and the new RC X APP also fully controls the CS 3.3.

With these powerful all-in-one solutions, stacked audio devices and overflowing cable clutter are a thing of the past. All modern connections are present, so that both a turntable and a TV can be connected via HDMI ARC, for example. To achieve its goal of building the best-sounding all-in-one devices on the world market, AVM has borrowed from its flagship CS 8.3.

avmcs3.3 2 HiFi-Profis
avmcs3.3 3 HiFi-Profis

Simple and future-proof

A main focus was on a completely modernized APP control system. Simple, intuitive operation and a clear and attractively designed user interface make managing even large music collections child’s play. This makes you want to explore new music on numerous streaming platforms.

The included selection of Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz and HighResAudio can be easily expanded in the future. The AVM RC X APP is available for iOS (Apple) or Android controlled devices. The new AVM X-Stream Engine® can stream all high-resolution formats up to 384/32, including DSD (256). This streaming engine is a complete AVM in-house development and completely software-based. It can thus be updated online in a future-proof manner. An HDMI (ARC) interface is on board as well as the modern Bluetooth connection, further digital inputs and a USB-A interface are standard.

A completely new developed high performance phono input stage allows the connection of MM and MC systems. As a special feature, all adjustments to the selected pickup system can be selected directly and conveniently in the APP. This provides perfect analog sound especially in combination with the rotary turntables. The digital outputs are completely new, and their volume can now be controlled if desired,

Faithful reproduction

The sound has also been improved enormously compared to the predecessor. The completely redesigned amplifier stages now deliver an impressive 350 watts of continuous power and can easily cope with any Speaker. In the course of the complete redevelopment, the digital part was completely renewed.

This crucial part is based on the selected ESS9028 PRO Double-Quad DAC. Also sonically a significant gain, which is accompanied by a variety of new digital circuit concepts, here 4 DACs per channel work in parallel. This effort benefits all digital sources sonically, so that all high-resolution formats can be reproduced perfectly and as faithfully as possible.

avmcs3.3 4 HiFi-Profis
avmcs3.3 5 HiFi-Profis

High quality

The Evolution CS are available in the standard colors aluminum silver or black, and on request also as an elegant Cellini version with chrome-plated and hand-polished front and chrome-plated knobs. Like all AVM devices, the Evolution CS is also manufactured purely by hand in the Malsch factory.

The vast majority of suppliers, e.g. for the precise case, are also located near the main plant. Repeated, intensive quality controls at all production steps and a run-in period of several days for each individual device ensure the promise of maximum reliability in the long term.

avmcs3.3 7 HiFi-Profis
avmcs3.3 6 HiFi-Profis
Output stage
  • Profit factor: 30
  • THD: < 0.005 %
  • SNR: > 95dB
  • Input sensitivity (2x350W, 4Ω): 1.2V
  • Frequency range CS 5.3 (-3dB): < 5 Hz to > 35 kHz
  • Frequency range CS 3.3 (-3dB): 0Hz to > 80kHz
  • Rated power: 2 x 350 W [4 Ω] / 2 x 180 W [8 Ω]
  • Input impedance (RCA): 50 kΩ
  • Input impedance (XLR): 40 kΩ
  • Output impedance (PRE, LINE): 47 kΩ
  • Output impedance (XLR): 94 kΩ
  • Profit factor: 1
  • THD: < 0.001 %
  • SNR: > 100dB
  • Crosstalk (channels): > 94dB
  • Crosstalk (inputs): > 85dB
  • max. Input voltage (1 % THD): 8.6V
  • max. Output voltage (1 % THD): 8.4V
  • Output impedance: 24 Ω
  • Profit factor: 3.2
  • THD: < 0.001 %
  • SNR: > 100dB
  • max. Output voltage 1 % THD :7V
  • Deemphase RIAA (20Hz-20kHz): +/- 0.3dB
  • Gain MM: 40dB/ 50dB
  • SNRMM: > 84dB(A)
  • MC gain: 60dB / 70dB
  • SNR-MC: > 75dB(A)
  • max. Input voltage MM (1 % THD, 40 dB): 76mV
  • max. Input voltage MC (1 % THD, 60 dB): 7.4 mV
  • Frequency range (line-out): 11 Hz – 100 kHz
  • Adjustable load MC (in Ω): 100; 180; 220; 330; 660; 1k; 2k
  • Adjustable load MM (in pF): 47; 100; 150; 200; 270; 310; 410
  • Playable formats: CD Audio, CDR (according to Red Book standard)
  • Frequency range: < 20 – 20 kHz
  • LAN (hot-pluggable): 100 Mbit/s
  • Supported WiFi: 2.4/ 5 GHz/ 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Antennas: 2
  • WPS: Yes
  • max. Example sets: DSD256, 32 bit/ 384 kHz PCM
  • Streaming services: Airplay 2, Qobuz, Roon, Spotify, TIDAL, HighResAudio
  • Supported data formats: WAV, MP3, WM, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, DSD, OGG, AIFF
  • Bluetooth standard: 4.2
  • Supported Bluetooth profiles: AVRCP 1.5 AD2P
  • USB standard: USB 2.0
  • max. Supply current for connected devices: 500mA
  • Supported formats: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS
  • max. Sample/ bit rate (OPTO): 96 kHz / 24 bit
  • Deemphasis (OPTO): Yes, automatic
  • max. Sample/ bit rate (COAX): 192 kHz / 24 bit
  • Minimum. Signal strength [Vpp] at 192 kHz (COAX): > 150 mVss
  • Input impedance (COAX): 75 Ω
  • Deemphasis (OPTO): Yes, automatic
  • max. Sample/ bit rate (ARC): 192 kHz / 24 bit
  • Input impedance: 100 Ω
  • max. Sample/ bit rate (OPTO): 96 kHz / 24 bit
  • max. Sample/ bit rate (COAX): 192 kHz / 24 bit
  • Output impedance (COAX): 75 Ω
  • Trigger input: 5 – 20 V
  • Trigger output: (2x) 12V
  • AC voltage: 100-240 V, 50 Hz-60 Hz
  • Power consumption max.: 900 W
  • Standby: < 0.5 W
  • Extended standby (network standby): < 2 W
  • Power consumption in idle mode: < 16 W
  • Fuse rating: T 10A (slow blow)
  • Product dimensions: 350 x 430 x 122 mm (L x W x H)
  • Product weight: 12 kg
  • Product range: EVOLUTION


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