NAIM Nait XS 3 (unpacking device)

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NAIM Nait XS 3 | As good as never before- and with a preference for vinyl.

In the six years since the launch of the last NAIT integrated amplifiers, our research and development team has once again been able to significantly optimize the NAIT XS 3. With the new power amplifiers of the NAIT XS 3, music now sounds even more powerful, detailed and transparent – both through speakers and headphones.

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With its numerous innovations and improvements, the NAIT XS 3 is the ideal amplifier for music streamers, CD players and all other music sources. The new phono input stage also opens up the famous, typical Naim sound to vinyl enthusiasts.

The NAIT XS 3 combines numerous features our SUPERNAIT 3 reference amplifier in its compact, slim cabinet. It has five analog inputs and one phono input, and provides 70 watts of power per channel at the outputs. The preamp of the NAIT XS 3 sounds just as transparent as that of its big brother and, like the latter, it has an asymmetrical Class A headphone output.

With our power supplies, power amplifiers and high-end cables, the NAIT XS 3 can be expanded into a superlative integrated amplifier system that makes even the finest details of a music signal audible.


With our proverbial attention to detail and always with the goal of the most authentic music reproduction possible, we have equipped the NAIT XS 3 with a whole range of exclusive features:

  • Class-A headphone amplifier
  • Volume control with Alps Blue Velvet potentiometer
  • Input selector switch with reed relay
  • Power transistors with ceramic insulation
  • Galvanically isolated microprocessor control
  • Low-vibration printed circuit board assembly to reduce microphonics

The novelties in detail:

  • Our developers were able to more than double the speed of the voltage amplifiers. This also increases the reaction speed of the output stage accordingly.
  • The second amplifier stage now manages without a cascode circuit. This means that the stage requires less damping, reacts much faster and delivers a significantly higher dynamic range.
  • The three-stage phono preamplifier consists of an input amplifier, a passive correction network and an output amplifier with active equalization. This circuitry has excellent noise performance, corrects to RIAA well beyond the audible range, and has generous overload reserves.
  • All resistors and capacitors of the RIAA correction network are through-hole components in foil technology, which have extremely low microphonics and excellent pulse response. Although the phono input is about 1000 times more sensitive than a normal analog input due to its principle, excellent sound quality is thus achieved.
  • The input impedance of 47k in parallel with 470pF is perfectly matched to moving magnet (MM) cartridges.


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