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Primare A35.2 | Balanced and harmonious

  • Powerful stereo amplifier with balanced input
  • Completely new UFPD 2 power module
  • Simple, elegant design with accessible and easy to understand functionality

Your HiFi-Profis

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Primare A35.2 – Power Amplifier

The A35.2 is a powerful balanced-input stereo amplifier that uses UFPD 2 amplification technology to deliver 200 watts of power per channel in stereo and 800 watts of power in bridged mono mode.


The Primare A35.2 is the most powerful amplifier Primare has developed using its new proprietary UFPD 2 analog class D amplification technology. In fact, an all-new UFPD 2 power module was designed to provide the power and performance Primare felt was necessary for such a statement stereo amplifier.

As a result, an entirely new power supply was developed with specially wound transformers to provide the immense electrical power that the amplifier module requires to generate the immense amount of musical output of which it is capable.

primarea35.2 2 HiFi-Profis

Low distortion in the Primare A35.2

With this essential circuitry, the A35.2 is able to deliver instant and sustained high-performance output with very low distortion, instant rise time, and absolutely linear gain across the entire bandwidth, resulting in naturally fast, clean, and agile sound over an ultra-wide frequency range and with exceptional headroom.

A35.2 features balanced inputs and 200 watts of output power into 8 ohms, with the ability to be bridged to mono for 800 watts of output power into 8 ohms. With this truly massive output, the A35.2 is capable of driving even the most demanding stereo speakers or an incredibly powerful multi-channel system array.

Primare A35.2

The look and feel of Scandinavia

Every aspect of the products – how they look, the satisfying feel of the controls – contributes to the overall experience of living with Primare. As a result, Primare products exude the hallmarks of Scandinavian design – simple, elegant designs with accessible and easy-to-understand functionality.

An example of this is the standby button discreetly placed in the Primare logo on the front panel of the R15, R35 and A35.2 models – not too much, not too little, everything in balance, proportion and harmony.

primarea35.2 4 scaled HiFi-Profis
primarea35.2 5 scaled HiFi-Profis


  • 2 x 200 W 8 Ohm / 2 x 400 W 4 Ohm
  • 1 x stereo pair inputs
  • 1 x stereo pair inputs
  • 2 x 3.5 mm input/output
  • Control port for the outboard system
  • 430 x 400 x145 mm (WxDxH)
  • 11,7 kg



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