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Marantz CD60 | Iconic Design

  • Higher current stability as well as lower noise rustling
  • Most musical sound
  • Modern materials and intuitive operation

Daniel Roth
hifi profi

06151171048 [email protected]

Profi Opinion

"Man, he looks good! However, not only the feel and look are right here, the CD 60 definitely has audiophile ambitions. SACDs cannot be played from the drive but via the USB A input on the front. Conclusion: A great CD player at a fair price. "

Important notes:

Superb headphone jack for 6.3mm jack plug. No XLR.

Marantz CD 60 – CD player

With its modern style and extremely musical sound, the CD 60 inspires you to discover new details on your favorite CDs.

Iconic design for modern CD lovers

Made of high quality materials and tuned by the Sound Master to elicit new details from your favorite CDs.

Discover New Sounds On Classic CDs

The CD 60 is made for all CD fans who want to cherish their music collection and explore new details with every listen

marantzcd60 2 HiFi-Profis
marantzcd60 3 HiFi-Profis

Luxurious Design For The Most Musical Sound

Elegant design, modern materials and intuitive operation make the CD 60 a real treat for the eyes and ears.

Perfect complement for Marantz amplifiers

The look as well as the technologies of the CD 60 are perfectly matched to the MODEL 40n, the MODEL 30 as well as other Marantz amplifiers.

Powerful, warm and spacious sound

Expertly tuned by the legendary Marantz Soundmaster – for the most musical sound. The CD 60 is the device that your beloved music collection deserves.

Optimized HDAM circuit

The HDAM circuit developed by Marantz has been further optimized for the CD 60: The components are now symmetrically arranged on the board and a more direct signal path has been created. Thus, compared to previous models, an improved soundstage has been created to give you the most musical sound.

marantzcd60 4 HiFi-Profis
marantzcd60 5 HiFi-Profis

High current power supply

Compared to previous models in this class, the CD 60 power supply is equipped with fast high-current Schottky diodes, optimized high-current storage capacitors, and improved voltage regulators. Oversized capacitors in the power supply provide higher current stability and lower noise rustling in demanding listening situations.

Supported audio formats

The following audio formats are supported by the Marantz CD60: MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, DSD (DISF / DSF).

2 marantzcd60 HiFi-Profis
1 marantzcd60 HiFi-Profis
3 marantzcd60 HiFi-Profis
4 marantzcd60 HiFi-Profis

Product Highlights
  • Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules
  • Optimized HDAM circuit
  • High-Current Power Supply
  • Playback of Hi-Res audio from USB sources
  • Premium class digital/analog converter
  • Customizable digital filter
  • Powerful headphone amplifier
  • System remote control
  • Distortion factor (%) : 0.0015
  • Signal to noise ratio (dB) : 118
  • Dynamic range (dB) : 101
  • CD-R compatible : Yes
  • CD-RW compatible : Yes
  • MP3 CD compatible : Yes
  • WMA CD compatible : Yes
  • Audio format: MP3 : Yes
  • Audio format: AAC : Yes
  • Audio format: WAV : Yes
  • WMA compatible : Yes
  • DSD compatible : Yes
  • FLAC compatible : Yes
  • Apple Lossless (ALAC) compatible : Yes
  • Centered CD loading mechanism : Yes
  • IR remote control : Yes
  • Headphone connector : Headphone connector
  • Connection for remote control system : Yes
  • Power consumption (W) : 38
  • Power consumption, stand-by (W) : 0.3
  • Aluminum front panel : Yes
  • Metal cabinet: Yes
  • Width (cm) : 44.2
  • Height (cm) : 12.9
  • Depth (cm) : 39.6
  • Weight (kg) : 7.5
  • Width with packing (cm) : 52.5
  • Height with packing (cm) : 24.9
  • Depth with packing (cm) : 51.1
  • weight with packing (kg) : 10.2



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