REGA Apollo (unpacking device)

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Rega Apollo | Exceptional sound reproduction

  • High quality Wolfson DAC
  • Advanced output amplifier circuit
  • Advanced digital power supplies
  • Unique CD control software from Rega
  • Rega mini remote control

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The Apollo CD player uses a Rega-developed chipset and proprietary software that provide a unique level of performance for a CD player. The development of the analog, digital and control sections provided a direct improvement of the analog and digital outputs, making the Apollo a perfect partner for the Rega Brio amplifier.

A truly unique level of performance

The Apollo is housed in the latest custom-built half-width cabinet for the Brio amplifier. The top-loading mechanism offers ease of operation and unmatched reliability.

The Apollo’s output amplifier uses the highly specialized Wolfson WM8742 digital-to-analog converter, the same integrated circuit found in Rega’s award-winning DACs.

The Apollo uses “digital” power supplies to power the CD processor, optical block, and laser diode amplifier. This is achieved by using the same powerful, low-noise power supplies that are used in the Rega reference CD player. This greatly improves the playability, error correction, and processing of the “inner core” of the Apollo’s digital CD “spinner” part.

Apollo 4 scaled HiFi-Profis
Apollo 5 scaled HiFi-Profis

Stable and user friendly

The discrete output amplifier has a distortion factor of 0.0025% while improving the overall sound quality of the output amplifier.

The user interface is controlled by a special display microprocessor, which relieves the main control processors and improves the stability of the control code, ease of use and speed of initialization of the played disc.

A new, special CD remote control is included as standard, which also has the advantage of Rega amplifier functionality.

Apollo 3 HiFi-Profis
Apollo 2 HiFi-Profis

Product Highlights

  • DAC and output amplifier with new chipset Wolfson WM 8742
  • The discrete output amplifier has a THD of 0.0025%.
  • Special, complex power supply
  • MP3 and WMA capable
  • Analog output
  • Optical and coaxial digital output
  • Dedicated display microprocessor for the user interface
  • incl. Remote control (also suitable for Rega amplifiers)

  • Distortion factor (%) : 0.0025

  • Display on device : Yes

  • IR remote control : Yes

  • Digital Optical (OUT) : Yes
  • Digital Coaxial (OUT) : Yes

  • Metal cabinet : Yes
  • Width (cm) : 21.5
  • Height (cm) : 9
  • Depth (cm) : 34
  • Weight (kg) : 4.5



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