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T+A Caruso | All-In-One Music System

  • All-In-One Music System
  • 200 watts continuous power, 300 watts pulse power
  • 2-channel stereo active concept with 7 high-performance loudspeakers
  • Inputs: Analog, Digital, USB, LAN, WiFi
  • Outputs: Pre Out, Sub Out, Headphones
  • CD drive
  • FM/DAB+ tuner with Internet Radio
  • Bluetooth
  • AirPlay 2 and Amazon Alexa compatible

Alexander von Oelsen
hifi profi

06151171023 [email protected]

Profi Opinion

"If any device deserves the title "sound miracle", it is the T+A Caruso. I'm always amazed at the richness of sound this compact all-in-one system produces. And despite its extensive features, the Caruso is quite easy to use. A clear recommendation! "

Important notes:

CD Playback / DAB+ / WiFi / Bluetooth / Internet Radio / Spotify / Pre-Out

The T+A Caruso

In the fall of 2008, T+A launched the first Caruso. Within a very short time, it gained cult status thanks to its unique concept and high-quality materials. Its direct successor, the Caruso Blu, continued this legacy in a modernized form. The new Caruso certainly represents the biggest development step in the history of the devices: It has been completely redeveloped, both externally and technically, without denying its roots.

It plays all sources in outstanding quality through its seven built-in speaker. Three power amplifiers with 100 watts of continuous power for the subwoofer system and 50 watts each for the mid/high units are coupled directly to the loudspeaker chassis and are driven in a precisely defined manner by the active crossover (active loudspeaker concept). Its digital signal processor allows for different sound characteristics so that it sounds great at all times, regardless of its placement. The incredible sound experience despite its size is made possible by the development of the T+A Aluminium Framework.

7 inch touch screen

To do justice to the Caruso’s wide range of functions, we decided to develop the new T+A NavigatorOS: A 7-inch touchscreen bundles all control elements, while the entire software was designed for intuitiveness. For the first time, NavigatorOS allows large-format cover art to be displayed directly on the device.

In addition, the Caruso can be operated via the supplied FM Caruso remote control and the T+A CarusoNavigator app. Above the touch panel is the slot of the modern CD drive. It sounds excellent and thanks to the buffering function of more than 20 seconds, it works completely distortion-free even at the highest volumes. All relevant information is displayed on the playscreen.

TA Caruso 1 HiFi-Profis
TA Caruso 2 HiFi-Profis

Connection elements

The connection elements of the rear panel show the universal possibilities of the Caruso. It can be used as an impressive-sounding compact system, but can also be upgraded to the center of a high-quality hi-fi system simply by connecting subwoofers or additional active speakers.

Two analog inputs are also available, for example to connect a turntable with phono preamp and another analog source, as well as two digital inputs for connecting TVs or set-top boxes.

There are antenna inputs for Bluetooth, WiFi and FM/DAB+ radio. Since the DAB+ and FM tuners sound excellent, connecting a high-quality external antenna is definitely recommended.

Access to the new music media is via the LAN socket, the W-LAN antenna and the USB input; the Caruso recognizes the connected streaming sources independently and makes optimal use of the possibilities of network and Internet.

Streaming client

A streaming client newly developed especially for the Caruso allows the use of a wide range of services such as Gracenote Music ID, Airable Music Services or Spotify Connect up to Amazon Alexa.

The outstanding sound of the Caruso has its reason on the one hand in the active concept of the sound system and the quality of the built-in speakers and on the other hand in the use of a very powerful digital signal processor of the latest generation.

This DSP not only linearizes and optimizes the frequency responses of the built-in drivers and separates the frequency ranges steeply, but also ensures phase-correct radiation behavior of all systems.

As a result, the Caruso produces a phenomenally even, natural and clear sound image throughout the room. In addition, depending on the setup, you can choose between different sound tunings in the Contour section. Bass, mids and treble as well as loudness can be controlled if required.

TA Caruso 3 HiFi-Profis
TA Caruso 4 HiFi-Profis


The base plate of the Caruso carries a high-performance woofer, this has an extremely large magnet with deep-drawn pole plate and highly damped, stable membrane and surround, which allow very large strokes.

Thus, it not only produces deep bass, but can also reproduce the largest levels and impulses without distortion. However, even this chassis would not be able to get the massive bass out of the Caruso’s small case if it were not supported by two low-tuned passive radiators.

These are located on the left and right in the side panels behind the speaker grilles.

The midrange is handled by a set of newly developed midrange tweeters and tweeter domes for the left and right channels, which are recessed into the aluminum front of the inner cabinet at a slight angle to the left and right. They reproduce the entire vocal and high frequency range from 200 Hz to over 30 kHz very linearly and with excellent omnidirectional response.

The speaker sets are driven directly by their own power amplifier, which means they are directly coupled without the passive components of conventional crossovers. Due to this active concept, the damping factor is very high and the impulse and dispersion behavior is optimal, which is the only way to achieve the excellent spatial sound image of the Caruso.

The power amplifiers with their directly coupled drivers are controlled by the built-in DSP, it handles all signal processing, from linearization to crossover frequency, completely lossless.

Aluminum framework

The weight of the Caruso reveals its inner strength. The newly developed T+A Aluminium Framework gives the Caruso enormous stability: an intricate extruded profile serves as the supporting framework for the complete interior design. As a result, the net internal volume of the Caruso is relatively large, allowing for the striking reproduction of very deep bass. Even at the highest levels, the case remains quiet and resonance-free.

TA Caruso 5 HiFi-Profis
TA Caruso 6 scaled HiFi-Profis
TA Caruso 7 scaled HiFi-Profis
Product Highlights
  • All-In-One Music System
  • 200 watts continuous power, 300 watts pulse power
  • 2-channel stereo active concept with 7 high-performance loudspeakers
  • Inputs: Analog, Digital, USB, LAN, WiFi
  • Outputs: Pre Out, Sub Out, Headphones
  • CD drive
  • FM/DAB+ tuner with Internet Radio
  • Bluetooth
  • AirPlay 2 and Amazon Alexa compatible
  • Components : 3D Blu-ray Player
  • Internet radio : Yes
  • MP3 CD compatible : Yes
  • DLNA : Yes
  • controllable via smartphone/tablet : Yes
  • Ethernet LAN : Yes
  • Bluetooth interface : Yes
  • Headphone jack : Yes
  • Width (cm) : 29
  • Height (cm) : 27
  • Depth (cm) : 29
  • Weight (kg) : 12
  • Receiver : Yes
  • CD Player : CD Player System
  • System remote control : System remote control
  • Music power (W), total : 200
  • Distortion factor (%) : 0.02
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) : Yes
  • Internet video playback : Yes
  • Number of signal channels : 2
  • DLNA Standard : Yes
  • controllable via smartphone/tablet : Yes
  • Audio CD compatible : Yes
  • Apple Lossless (ALAC) compatible : Yes
  • AAC compatible : Yes
  • OGG-Vorbis compatible : Yes
  • WAV compatible : Yes
  • WMA compatible : Yes
  • FLAC compatible : Yes
  • MPEG-1/2 compatible : Yes
  • MP3 compatible : Yes
  • Internet Radio : Yes
  • Tuner reception : Tuner for FM/DAB+
  • Radio Data System (RDS) : Radio Data System (RDS)
  • RDS with Radio Text (RT) : Yes
  • RDS with program name display (PS) : Yes
  • CD-R compatible : Yes
  • CD-RW compatible : Yes
  • MP3 CD compatible : Yes
  • Number of woofers : 1
  • Number midrange : 22
  • Number of tweeters : 2
  • diameter woofer (cm) : 17
  • diameter midrange (cm) : 10
  • diameter tweeter (cm) : 2
  • Headphone connector : Headphone connector
  • Number of preamplifier RCA (OUT) : 2
  • Connection for subwoofer : Yes
  • Number of digital coaxial (IN) : 1
  • Quantity Aux (IN) : 2
  • Ethernet LAN : Yes
  • WiFi equipment : WiFi integrated
  • Bluetooth interface : Yes
  • Bluetooth transmission standard A2DP : Yes
  • USB interface : Yes
  • Power consumption (W) : 300
  • Power consumption, stand-by (W) : 0.5


Internet radio


Airplay, Bluetooth, Digital input, Spotify Connect


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