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Advance Paris HDT800 | High quality wireless transmission

Listening in pairs via Bluetooth headphones? This is possible with the HDT 800! The Bluetooth adapter allows pairing 2 Bluetooth receivers(e.g. headphones) on e.g. TV. In stunning aptx or even aptx-HD playback in crystal clear sound. Simply connect to the optical or coaxial digital output, pair the BT receiver and start listening!

Alexander von Oelsen
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Profi Opinion

"This small Bluetooth transmitter sounds amazingly good, thanks to aptX HD. Clever: It can power 2 headphones at the same time. And it is ideal for TV operation thanks to "low latency"."

Important notes:

aptX HD / Low Latency / 2 headphones simultaneously

The compact innovative HDT800 transmitter from Advance Paris allows:

  • Wirelessly transmit the audio signal between a TV and one or two Bluetooth headphones in high-resolution quality. Thanks to “Low Latency” support, picture and sound are synchronous.
  • A wireless high-definition transmission between two HiFi devices. The signal is transmitted between the HDT800 and a Bluetooth* aptX or aptX HD receiver (e.g.: WTX500, WTX700, WTX1100, WTX-TUBES).
  • A wireless sound transmission between a PC or MAC and a HiFi system. The computer is connected to the HDT800 while the HiFi system receives the signal via a Bluetooth* aptX or aptX HD adapter (e.g. WTX500, WTX700, WTX1100, WTX-TUBES).
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With a sampling rate of 48 kHz as well as a sampling depth of 16 bit (aptX) or 42 bit (aptX HD), wireless signals with a bandwidth of up to 576 kBit/s are possible for excellent signal quality.

Of course, the HDT800 is also compatible with AAC and SBC. The basis for high-quality wireless transmission is provided by the internal signal processing of the BT transmitter.

For this purpose, a high-quality RISC processor in combination with a Kalimba 24-bit / 120 MHz DSP are used and process all incoming signals.

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