DALI Oberon 7

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Dali Oberon 7 – The flagship of the series

Max Fuchs
hifi profi

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Profi Opinion

"The powerful bass makes this the ideal Speaker for fans of rock, metal and electronic music genres. "

Important notes:

Do not angle Speaker, because of wide dispersion pattern / 4-pole Speaker

Dali Oberon 7

The largest Speaker in the series can draw on a stately volume with an overall height of a good one meter. To enable the two 180 mm (7′) bass-midrange drivers to deliver precise, booming-free bass that reaches deep down, the Gehäuse are reinforced on the inside by sturdy cross braces. Disturbing cabinet resonances that impair the sound are thus reduced to a minimum.

The OBERON 7 also uses the newly developed tweeter with its particularly large, extremely lightweight 29 mm fabric dome. It takes over the reproduction of all frequencies above 2,300 Hertz and has such a wide dispersion pattern that the OBERON 7 does not have to be aligned in to the listening position, but can stand at right angles to the rear wall.

The floorstanding speaker is recommended both as an exceedingly musical sound transducer for stereo reproduction and for the front main channels of a home cinema.

Modern design

The rounded corners and the coarse mesh structure of the fabrics give the front covers of the OBERON Speaker a unique design The two floor-standing speakers also feature an elegant aluminum base that reduces disturbing resonances.


The pole piece of the magnet systems used in the OBERON bass-midrange drivers consists of a combination of iron and the patented magnet material SMC. Thanks to the significantly reduced third-order distortion resulting from this, the OBERON Series Speaker allow for a longer relaxed listening experience with unobtrusive mids and an astonishing level of detail in this class.


The cones of the bass-midrange drivers are made of a mixture of fine-grained paper pulp reinforced by the addition of wood fibers, resulting in a stiff, lightweight structure with excellent acoustic features. In combination with particularly low-loss surrounds and center spiders, the cone diaphragms reproduce even the finest sound details with extreme clarity and precision.


In the design of the chassis and crossovers, as well as the materials used, emphasis was placed on ensuring a particularly wide radiation pattern. Thus, without angling the Speaker to the listening position, an extremely vivid sound image that is well integrated into the room can be achieved even outside the classic stereo triangle.



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