DALI Sub E-12 F

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DALI Sub E-12 F

The SUB E-12 F is the ideal woofer partner for entry-level Speakersuch as the ZENSOR series. It audibly and noticeably extends the frequency spectrum of your home cinema or stereo system with an extremely deep bass foundation and provides dynamic, well-controlled low-frequency reproduction.

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Aluminum base

An elegant aluminum base gives the impression that the subwoofer is floating above the floor. It also decouples the cabinet from the floor and allows downfire woofers to work without interference.

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Elegant and clear design

The cabinet is designed to be as compact and living room friendly as possible despite the large woofer, but at the same time has enough volume to produce powerful and deep bass.

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High power amplifier

The power amplifiers integrated in the DALI subwoofers have a very high output power so that sufficient reserves are available even for the reproduction of powerful impulses.

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Versatile connections

Thanks to their separate LFE and line inputs, DALI subwoofers can be easily connected to almost all amplifiers and receivers.


The SUB E-12 F is the ideal woofer partner for entry-level Speakersuch as the ZENSOR series. It audibly and noticeably extends the frequency spectrum of your home cinema or stereo system with an extremely deep bass foundation and provides dynamic, well-controlled low-frequency reproduction.

The woofer’s 300-millimeter diaphragm is made of pure aluminum, which not only makes it extremely rigid, but also makes it look very stylish. It is driven by a Class D power amplifier with 170 W sine power and an extremely linear frequency response. An integrated limiter also protects the subwoofer from overload. The heavy-duty magnet system with a massive four-layer and long-stroke voice coil ensures that the SUB E-12 F can always perfectly follow the audio signal coming from the amplifier.

Volume, phase and upper crossover frequency can be adjusted on the rear panel of the SUB E-12 F, and an automatic on/off switch ensures that the amplifier always switches on immediately as soon as an audio signal is present.

Thanks to the downward bass reflex port, the comparatively compact subwoofer can also be placed directly in front of a wall without any problems. And since the front cover is held in place by invisible magnets, it can be easily removed to change the previously discreetly elegant appearance of the subwoofer, with its aluminum diaphragm then visible, to technically extravagant.


The Class D amplifier integrated in the SUB E-12F mobilizes an RMS sine power of 170 watts and was designed specifically for this subwoofer with regard to a particularly linear and low-distortion reproduction. It achieves a peak power of 220 watts – an important prerequisite for the most faithful possible implementation of bass pulses contained in film soundtracks and canned music.

The power required for this is provided by a large switching power supply. This is also responsible for the subwoofer’s extremely low power consumption of only 0.4 watts in standby mode. While much of the power generated by conventional analog amplifiers is lost in the form of heat, the SUB E-12 F’s digital amplifier has an impressive 70% efficiency. Despite their high performance, the power amplifier and switching power supply thus generate only an absolute minimum of heat loss, which is why the subwoofer does not require any external heat sinks.

To ensure that the SUB E-12 F sounds optimal under all circumstances, we have integrated a limiter in the amplifier section. This works in two ways: It compares the amplitude of the input signal with the potential output signal and the available supply voltage of the power supply with the expected output signal. If one of these comparisons shows a problem, the limiter gently reduces the signal level without any loss of impulse response.

Since the DALI SUB E-12 F is equipped with controls for the volume level and the frequency of use (40 ~ 120 Hz) as well as a phase reversal switch, it can be perfectly adapted to most front speakers and room acoustics. Both line and LFE RCA connectors are available for connection to the preamplifier or receiver.


The 300 mm membrane of the SUB E-12 F is made of aluminum. Since this material is at the same time very stiff and yet light, it offers excellent impulse response that you would not normally expect from a subwoofer in this price range. True to the DALI philosophy of a particularly lifelike reproduction, the transient response is also very good, which allows an optimal interaction with the front speakers.

Instead of integrating a separate dust cap in the center of the diaphragm, the diaphragm consists of one piece, which brings its oscillating motion closer to the ideal of a piston. As a result, distortion is reduced to an absolute minimum, especially in the lowest frequency ranges that the subwoofer is supposed to reproduce.

The woofer’s drive uses a large-dimension ferrite magnet that provides a powerful magnetic field within the voice coil area. As a result, the SUB E-12 F’s frequency response extends down to 28 Hertz, and even in the lowest registers, exceedingly detailed reproduction is guaranteed in conjunction with high sound pressure.

In the interest of minimizing signal losses, an extremely flexible surround is used that allows for large and linear excursions. The large-dimension suspension is designed to convert both weak and stronger audio streams into acoustic signals without distortion.


Even after more than 30 years of experience in the field of acoustics and cabinets, DALI continues to trust the excellent acoustic features of cabinets made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF). The cabinet the SUB E-12 F is optionally available in black ash, light walnut or white laminated. The baffle is finished in matching high-gloss black or high-gloss white.

Any risk of flow noise through the downward bass reflex port is reduced by its convex, tapered design. Apart from its shape, the dimensions and placement of the reflex channel have been measured and optimized in extensive tests to ensure that there is no interaction between the Gehäuse and the woofer.

The entire cabinet is decoupled from the floor with an elegant aluminum base. It almost seems as if the subwoofer floats above the floor, but the 30 mm distance between the cabinet and the floor not only serve the optics, they also eliminate possible turbulence due to the downward radiating bass reflex port.

The front cover is held in place by invisible magnets, so the subwoofer retains an elegant appearance without annoying recesses for the otherwise usual mounting nipples even when it is operated without a cover.

Product Highlights
  • Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) EHzÜ: 28 – 190
  • Maximum sound pressure level ÄdB:Ü 112
  • Crossover frequencies EHzÜ: 40 – 120
  • bass-midrange / quantity: 1 x 305 mm ø long excursion
  • Low-midrange driver, type of membrane: polymer aluminum
  • cabinet: Bass reflex
  • Bass reflex tuning frequency ÄHzÜ: 36.0
  • Maximum amplifier power ÄRMS WattÜ: 220
  • Amplifier continuous power ÄRMS WattÜ: 170
  • Frequency response lower limit (Hz) : 28
  • Frequency response upper limit (Hz) : 190
  • Width (cm) : 34
  • Height (cm) : 37
  • Depth (cm) : 38
  • Weight (kg) : 14.7
  • Input impedance (KOhm) : 25
  • max. Sound pressure (dB) : 112
  • Rated power (W) : 170
  • Frequency response lower limit (Hz) : 28
  • Frequency response upper limit (Hz) : 190
  • min. Transition frequency Subw.-Sat. (Hz) : 40
  • max. crossover frequency Subw.-Sat. (Hz) : 120
  • Power consumption (W) : 250
  • Acoustic principle : Bass reflex principle
  • autom. Power on/off : Yes
  • Line RCA (IN) : Yes



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