Dynaudio Special Forty

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Dynaudio Special Forty | Emotional and striking

  • Esotar Forty for more precise sound reproduction
  • Low resonant frequency
  • 17 cm woofer
  • Sophisticated hybrid magnetic system
  • Crossover 1st order

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State-of-the-art acoustic technology in classic Dynaudio design

The new Dynaudio Special Forty anniversary loudspeaker represents 40 years of cutting-edge research – and brings it right up to date with Dynaudio’s best-known techniques and technologies.

Authentic and detailed

The Special Forty is a classic Dynaudio product: it impresses with craftsmanship, attention to detail and the unconditional love of authentic sound that you have always come to expect from Dynaudio. This is the connoisseur’s first choice – a pair of passive hi-fi speakers; nothing more, nothing less.

But this is not about tearfully reviewing past glories – and especially not about being satisfied with what has been achieved. No – Dynaudio sees what it has achieved as the foundation for the next breakthrough.

dynaudio special forty ebony wave 03 HiFi-Profis

The greatest hits … reinterpreted by the Dynaudio Special Forty

Dynaudio has always known something about compact speakers. And as a reference to classics such as the Special One, the Special Twenty-Five, the Crafft and the Contour 1.3SE, Dynaudio has opted for an unadulterated, clear concept for the Special Forty – at the highest technical level.

But of course, this wouldn’t be an anniversary speaker if it couldn’t come up with some of the greatest hits. The classics were rearranged, mixed and mastered. The way they should sound in 2017 – and far beyond.

Thus, the Special Forty uses the classic crossover design with the unique phase alignment and impedance alignment technologies. The crossover distributes the input signal to the woofer and tweeter sovereignly. Thus, each chassis receives only the frequencies intended for it and can make the most of them. Their carefully selected components provide impedance optimization. And with both drivers providing even better overlap and integration with their extended frequency ranges, the result is stunning.

dynaudio special forty ebony wave 01 HiFi-Profis

The song remains the same

The Special Forty uses MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) for the main chassis; a material patented by Dynaudio. MSP features the optimal combination of rigidity, damping and stability required for pristine sound reproduction. And unlike other membrane materials, it does not change over time.

And that means that the Dynaudio Special Forty will remain sonically true to itself (and you) even as we celebrate our next anniversary. The diaphragm itself features a most carefully designed symmetrical excursion, which provides for an even better reproduction of the mid-frequency range. Behind it is the asymmetric centering spider; the passive harmonic rectifier. It minimizes resonances in the upper frequency range.

This makes it possible not only to perceive the contours of a composition even more precisely, but even to pick out individual instruments in an orchestra. (And with that, the third violins finally get a hearing and recognition). And like all of our MSP diaphragms, this one is made in one piece (which can be seen by the special balancing ribs around the central dust cap). This creates an incredibly reliable connection to the voice coil, and the shape is stabilized – and that’s what matters when things do get really loud.

King of the air(currents)

The new Esotar tweeter is in a class of its own. First, it causes the air in front of the precision-coated fabric dome to vibrate in a way that only a tweeter made to Dynaudio’s secret recipe can. But there are also technically remarkable things happening backstage.

Take a look at the new pressure line. This is a specially shaped vent module behind the hybrid solenoid system that leaves more free space in the cabinet. More damping material can now be accommodated there and the back pressure reduced, while the shape ensures optimized air circulation behind the diaphragm.

The air-coupled pressure relief system: located under the voice coil, it reduces the generation of unwanted pressure that could restrict its movement. By preventing the formation of air bubbles here, resonance is reduced – and less resonance naturally means more precise, detailed reproduction.

Magnetic flux optimization and signal routing

Dynaudio actually almost always manages to influence the result in their favor. It is the same with magnet systems.

The magnet converts the electrical energy flowing from your amplifier to the voice coil into mechanical energy; the movements of the chassis membrane in both directions. These are (especially with the tweeter) very small and very fast movements. A lot of finesse is required here to ensure that all the subtle details and emotional power of the music reproduced finds its way to the ear.

Behind the woofer

In the woofer, this finesse manifests itself in two ways: through the play of magnetic energy as well as the magnets placed inside the voice coil.

Other manufacturers usually place the magnet around the voice coil so that it remains hollow inside. Placing the magnet inside the voice coil keeps the magnetic energy (or magnetic flux) in the optimal position to direct the voice coil – the way it should be. This allows us to make the best possible use of the given mass. At the same time, internal reflections are reduced because there are fewer elements within the chassis against which the sound waves could be reflected.

Secondly, a hybrid magnet, which can control magnetic flux and voice coil movement even better, is used. An incredibly powerful neodymium magnet provides enormous excursion. It is assisted by a ferrite magnet, which directs the magnetic flux to where it is needed most. The result? Symmetrical excursion, reduced frequency doubling – and an even more precise, authentic sound.

dynaudio special forty ebony wave 02 HiFi-Profis

Dynaudio Special Forty – A beautiful box

All this remarkable technology naturally belongs in an exceptional cabinet. And whether you choose “Ebony Wave” or “Black Vine” here: Your eyes will be just as pleased as your ears. When it comes to our anniversary speakers, we’ve always gone the extra mile. Let’s think of the Contour 1.3 SE’s cabinet made of fine bird’s eye maple, the beautifully grained birch on the Special Twenty-Five, and the gorgeous mocha, bordeaux, and ivory veneer variations of the Sapphire.

The Special Forty goes one step further here. The design team was motivated to move forward and try something completely new. And they have done so with great success. It should be unconventional, emotional and eye-catching. We wanted the Special Forty to also look as authentic and honest as the music it reproduces.

dynaudio special forty ebonywave front 1 HiFi-Profis
dynaudio special forty ebonywave halfprofile 1 HiFi-Profis
dynaudio special forty ebonywave frontgrill 1 HiFi-Profis
dynaudio special forty ebonywave top 1 HiFi-Profis


  • 86 dB (2.83V / 1m)
  • 41 Hz – 23 kHz
  • Bass reflex rear
  • 2-way
  • 17 cm MSP speaker cone
  • 28 mm Esotar Forty
  • 8,1 kg
  • 198 x 360 x 307 mm
  • Black Vine / Ebony Wave



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