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DALI Oberon 1C | The OBERON 1 C is the perfect streaming speaker for smaller rooms.

Wirelessly controlled via the SOUND HUB COMPACT, the two integrated 50 watt amplifiers provide powerful, adult stereo sound despite the compact Gehäuse.

Alexander von Oelsen
hifi profi

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Profi Opinion

"You have little space, do not want to lay Speakerand still enjoy good sound? Then the amazingly sonorous Oberon 1C are the right Speaker for you. All you need is the Dali SoundHub Compact and you're ready to go, for example via Bluetooth!"

Important notes:

Integrated wall mount

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The OBERON 1 C is the compact Speaker the series. It is equipped with an ultra-light 29 mm fabric dome tweeter and a 130 mm bass-midrange driver driven by an SMC magnet system. The bass reflex port led out to the rear of the cabinet provides the optimum balance between the internal volume required for bass performance on the one hand and compact dimensions for use even in smaller rooms on the other.

The OBERON 1 C is intended for smaller rooms where space is a precious commodity and music tends to be heard at low levels. The OBERON 1 C appeals to music lovers and audiophiles who are conceptually and sonically more enthusiastic about compact speakers. For them, music enjoyment (whether from CDs, Internet radio stations or in the form of a valuable record collection) plays a greater role than TV audio. Nevertheless, two OBERON 1 C Speaker placed on the sides of a TV set are very well suited for reproducing TV sound at a high level.


The drivers and crossovers used in the OBERON C Series are designed to radiate audio signals at particularly wide angles. This not only enables sonorous and spatially precise reproduction outside the sweet spot, but also significantly reduces harmonic distortions and diffractions that impair the sound.


Audio signals are transmitted from the SOUND HUB COMPACT to the OBERON C loudspeakers using a proprietary 30-bit wireless protocol. Here, the latency from the input to the Speaker is usually only less than 15 ms, and both Speaker are also driven absolutely simultaneously.


The pole piece of the magnet systems of all OBERON C bass-midrange drivers is partly made of DALI’s patented non-conductive Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) magnet material. The use of SMC significantly reduces mechanical distortion, which makes the Speaker sound very pleasant even over a long period of time and surprisingly detailed considering the price range.


Each OBERON C Speaker uses two Class-D power amplifiers, each with a pulse power of 50 watts, selected for their high sound quality and dynamics. One amplifier supplies the tweeter, one the bass-midrange driver (or the two bass-midrange drivers of the OBERON 7 C).



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