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Dynaudio Emit 20 | Hi-Fi begins with Emit

Compact loudspeakers that sound far beyond their size

Daniel Roth
hifi profi

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Profi Opinion

"The Emit is a fine spirit among bookshelf speakers. It does not play itself into the foreground but allows the music the space to unfold. Instrument separation and timing are at a very high level. A Speaker for extended listening sessions. "

Important notes:

Amplifier from approx. 40 -160W


The Emit 20 is a high-performance compact loudspeaker…

…which is sonically and technologically in the tradition of Dynaudio’s successful Evoke, Contour i and Confidence series. It offers an outstanding combination of detail and performance, making it recommended for small to medium-sized rooms. Dynaudio does not use a term like “pristine fidelity” lightly. But when you purchase the Emit 20, that’s exactly what you get: a top-notch audiophile speaker with absolutely amazing performance for the price.

While this may basically be an entry-level model, the Emit 20 is still packed with technology you’ll find in Dynaudio’s higher-priced product families – all the way up to the flagship Confidence and professional Core reference monitors. And one thing is for sure: You can look forward to a playback quality that no one would normally expect in this price segment.

01 dynaudio emit 20 woofer HiFi-Profis

Powerful mids and basses, highest precision

The Emit 20 is equipped with an 18 cm diameter woofer made of MSP (magnesium silicate polymer). It is based on the woofer of the Evoke product family. Dynaudio developed the MSP material itself, and it has been used in the most famous Speakerfor many years.

The diaphragm is made of one piece – the dust cap is an integral part of the reproduction surface. This creates a firm connection to the voice coil. This stable connection ensures the best possible controllability and correspondingly rich detail in the low and mid frequency range.

The voice coil, in turn, is made of aluminum. It is wound on a glass fiber coil carrier. Aluminum wire has long been used in voice coils – and for good reason. This material is known to be very light and can accordingly be set in motion for the finest signals.

In addition, with a given length of wire can realize more windings on the carrier. This means more BL – i.e., magnetic force. And more power naturally means more powerful reproduction. To get closer to the desired ideal, the aluminum wire is coated with copper.

The stacked ferrite magnet system and new surround create the right frame the Emit 20’s long-throw woofer/midrange, which delivers convincing full-bass performance even at high levels-with no loss of control in the mids (where vocals and instruments like guitar and violins are at home).

A high performance tweeter

The Emit 20 uses the Cerotar tweeter, which Dynaudio adopted directly from the Evoke. This is a 28 mm diameter fabric tweeter, which also includes the well-known Hexis inner dome. The coated fabric dome provides silky, present highs. Here you can discover all the tonaldetails that the artists put so much effort into in the recording studio. The Hexis in turn smoothes the frequency response and ensures that no unwanted resonances “contaminate” the sound image.

The heart of the Cerotar is a powerful ferrite+ strontium carbonate ceramic magnet system. It provides the tweeter with the power it needs to do its job without dips, even at high levels – with all the nuances you want your ears to enjoy. And that too at a volume that should even move your neighbor.

Anyway, you may be pleased to know that the entire technical ensemble of these speakers was created on the same basis as the high-end studio monitors of the Core product family. After all, in the recording studio, musicians, producers and sound engineers need to be able to listen attentively to music for many hours without their ears getting tired.

03 dynaudio emit 20 tweeter HiFi-Profis

The crossover from inside

The crossover between the woofer/midrange and the tweeter is handled by a specially developed crossover. It comes from the same development team that worked on the Heritage Special and Core studio monitors. Engineers used a hybrid first- and second-order topology for tweeters and woofers, allowing the two drivers to be controlled with particular precision. As a result, this means that you hear exactly what an artist wanted to convey with his production; without any tonal compromises.

An impressive appearance

The Emit 20 is available in three finishes: “Black”, “White” and “Walnut”. Each of them fits perfectly with the straightforward Scandinavian cabinet- which, like the inner workings of our Speaker, was developed at our company’s headquarters in Denmark. The scope of delivery includes black speaker covers that are fixed to the cabinet with magnets.

Dynaudio has even dealt with the covers over the mounting screws. They are made of one piece in the colour of the cabinet, so they do not need to be painted and do not discolor over time.

If you want to upgrade a stereo system in a medium-sized room with audiophile compact speakers or are looking for particularly high-quality surround channels for your home cinema, the Emit 20 is the right choice.

Product Highlights
  • Sensitivity: 86 dB (2.83 V / 1 m)
  • IEC power handling: 160 watts
  • Impedance: 6 O
  • Frequency range (±3 dB): 53 Hz to 25 kHz (-6 dB 42 Hz to 35 kHz)
  • Design: Double bass reflex system led out on the rear side
  • Crossover typology: tweeter 1st order / woofer 2nd order
  • Midrange / woofer: MSP speaker cone with 18 cm diameter
  • Tweeter: Cerotar fabric dome with Hexis
  • Type : 2 way speaker system
  • music power watts per channel (W) : 160
  • Frequency response lower limit (Hz) : 53
  • Frequency response upper limit (Hz) : 25000
  • Number of speaker boxes : 2
  • Type : Small/shelf speaker
  • Bass reflex system : Yes
  • Width (cm) : 20.51
  • Height (cm) : 29
  • Depth (cm) : 32.45
  • Weight (kg) : 10.32
  • Speaker type : Bookshelf speaker
  • Speaker system : 2-way speaker system
  • cabinet (closed/bass reflex) : Bass reflex system
  • Efficiency/sound pressure 2.83V/1m (dB) : 86
  • Impedance (Ohm) : 6
  • music power handling (W) : 160
  • Frequency response lower limit (Hz) : 53
  • Frequency response upper limit (Hz) : 25000
  • Number of tweeters : 1
  • Number of woofer-midrange : 1
  • diameter woofer-midrange (cm) : 18


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