Dynaudio Emit 30

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Dynaudio Emit 30 | Hi-Fi begins with Emit

A dedicated center channel for multi-channel applications

Daniel Roth
hifi profi

[email protected]

Profi Opinion

"I like to recommend the Emit series to musicians who play an instrument, or classical music fans. She plays so wonderfully uncolored and is able to depict an orchestra holographically. "

Important notes:

4 ohms and 87dB efficiency place demands on the amplifier. It should already be 70W.


The Dynaudio Emit 30…

…is perfect for larger stereo systems or compact multi-channel home theater systems in medium and large rooms. You don’t just want “better”, but also “more”? Then you have found the right speaker. The Emit 30 is a compact two-and-a-half-way speaker that makes an impression – whether as a stereo pair or in the context of a 5.1 home theater system (and of course it’s welcome to have even more channels).

The Emit 30 – like its little sister, the Emit 10 – is equipped with 14 cm diameter MSP woofers similar to those of the Evoke series. But here we have equipped each Speaker with two of these drivers. This creates an even more solid bass foundation, and the mids also become clearer and more powerful in larger rooms. MSP stands for “magnesium silicate polymer”. This is the material we developed at Dynaudio for our woofers, and we’ve been using it for decades – even in our highly acclaimed high-end models. MSP offers just the right combination of lightness, stiffness and cushioning – and we have continued to optimize and refine this balance over the years. It is a critical element of our ambition to provide precisely controlled power where it is needed.

01 dynaudio emit 20 woofer HiFi-Profis

Woofer technology at the highest level

We do not use separate dust caps that are glued onto the membrane. Rather, the dust cap is part of the diaphragm. Everything here is literally “from a single mold”. The balance ribs around the center are directly connected to the voice coil behind it, making the drive system a whole.

With fewer moving parts to consider, our designers can control the deflection of the diaphragm even more precisely. And that, in turn, allows even better control of the playback quality of the speaker as an overall system. As a listener, you benefit here from an exceptionally tidy sound image; with tight basses, transparent voices and vividly appearing stringed instruments. And the Emit 30 maintains this high tonal level even at high volumes.

The heart of each woofer is a strontium carbonate ferrite+ ceramic magnet system built from two subsystems. By using two magnets, we can more effectively control where the magnetic energy flows. We gained this knowledge during the development of the award-winning Special Forty – and we are very happy to now be able to apply it to an entry-level Speaker.

All this energy is concentrated and made audible by means of the voice coil. The Emit 30 uses a wire made of aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight (which minimizes inertia when the diaphragm moves back and forth). And because aluminum wire is lighter than copper wire, we can pack more windings onto the two-layer fiberglass coil carrier. More windings, in turn, mean more power and better controllability even at low deflection.

A special twist (please forgive the pun) is the very thin copper coating on the aluminum wire. It allows the amplifier to control the voice coil even more precisely. More power with slightly higher weight: That can probably be called “win-win”.

Highly audible: The Cerotar tweeter

You will be able to guess: While the two 14 cm diameter woofer-midrange drivers take care of bass and midrange, the tweeter is responsible for the treble.

The Emit may basically be an “entry-level” Speaker – but of course that doesn’t mean we’re using outdated “off the shelf” components here. Instead, here you get to enjoy the incredible Cerotar tweeter, which is also used in the Evoke family of products. It is based on the Esotar Forty tweeter from our anniversary speaker Special Forty and the Esotar Pro, which is part of our studio reference speakers in the Core product family. And you must have really heard him.

The 28 mm diameter coated fabric membrane is supported by a particularly clever component; the Hexis inner dome. Their playback surface has been optimized for accurate treble reproduction without dips in frequency response – even at high volumes. The Hexis module, in turn, smoothes the airflow behind the diaphragm to reduce unwanted resonances.

The “power plant” that drives the diaphragm includes an aluminum voice coil and the airflow magnet system. The Cerotar is designed to provide the highest quality playback without ear fatigue. So it’s just the right listening tool if you want to spend long afternoons and nights with your music collection – and we assume you do.

The bass reflex port is equipped with two flare rims (each on the inside and outside) and has been optimized to minimize flow noise. The scope of delivery includes foam inserts that can be used to adjust the playback behavior to the speaker’s installation location.

03 dynaudio emit 20 tweeter HiFi-Profis

Danish design cabinet

The cabinet the Emit 30 is made of 18 mm thick MDF boards. They create a solid, stable playground for the chassis. Internally, they are damped with polyester fibers, the amount of which is measured to the gram to achieve exactly the required resonance suppression.

As utilitarian as the interior of these speakers is, their exterior is equally appealing. Here you can choose between three individual laminate surfaces: “Black”, “White” or “Walnut”. They fit into virtually any living environment and can also be very well combined with each other. So when you customize a home cinemafor your living room, for example, you can decide for yourself whether you want your Emit Speaker to stand out as “eye-catchers” or blend inconspicuously into the living landscape.

The Emit 30: a powerful floorstanding speaker in a compact format If you want to rediscover your music collection, this is the speaker for you.

Product Highlights
  • Sensitivity: 87 dB (2.83 V / 1 m)
  • IEC power handling: 180 watts
  • Impedance: 4 O
  • Frequency response (±3 dB): 44 Hz to 25 kHz (-6 dB 39 Hz to 35 kHz)
  • Design: Double bass reflex system led out on the rear side
  • Crossover typology: tweeter 1st order / woofer 2nd order
  • Midrange driver: MSP speaker cone with 14 cm diameter
  • Woofer: 14 cm MSP
  • Tweeter: Cerotar fabric dome with Hexis
  • Type : 3 way speaker system
  • music power watts per channel (W) : 180
  • Frequency response lower limit (Hz) : 44
  • Frequency response upper limit (Hz) : 25000
  • Number of speaker boxes : 2
  • Type : Floorstanding loudspeaker
  • Bass reflex system : Yes
  • Width (cm) : 26.75
  • Height (cm) : 94.65
  • Depth (cm) : 33.54
  • weight (kg) : 15.53
  • Speaker type : Floor standing speaker
  • Speaker system : 3-way speaker system
  • cabinet (closed/bass reflex) : Bass reflex system
  • Efficiency/sound pressure 2.83V/1m (dB) : 87
  • Impedance (Ohm) : 4
  • Music power handling (W) : 180
  • Frequency response lower limit (Hz) : 44
  • Frequency response upper limit (Hz) : 25000
  • Number of tweeters : 1
  • Number of woofer-midrange : 1
  • Number of woofers : 1
  • diameter woofer-midrange (cm) : 14
  • diameter woofer (cm) : 14


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