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KEF LSX II | Unique sound in high resolution

  • Uni-Q® technology for the natural, detailed sound
  • With all-encompassing connectivity
  • AirPlay2, Chromecast, Spotify and Tidal
  • Three-dimensional soundstage with true stereo sound

Sascha Duerr
hifi profi

06151171046 [email protected]

Profi Opinion

"At first glance confusingly similar to its predecessor, the LSX II sets completely new standards in terms of sound. Enormous bass power, fine resolution, dynamic and level stability. Considering its dimensions, the speaker system outshines any competition. In a word: sensational!"

Important notes:

HDMI Arc / KEF Connect app / virtually unlimited streaming options.

KEF LSX II – The ultimate in compact wireless hi-fi

Welcome to a world of high-fidelity sound that’s hands-on. This second generation all-in-one speaker system: upgraded to deliver even more balanced sound in higher resolution with all-encompassing connectivity. Easily stream anything, including AirPlay2, Chromecast, Spotify, and Tidal, or easily connect the LSX II to your laptop, TV, and many other devices.

Performance – high fidelity sound

KEF is obsessed with delivering a superior listening experience regardless of the size of the speaker. With built-in support for streaming up to 24-bit/384 kHz and dedicated amplifiers in each speaker, the KEF LSX II delivers the highest sound quality in its size, making high-fidelity sound accessible to a wider range of people.

Stereo. Feel the power.

With two speakers separated from each other, the LSX II creates a three-dimensional soundstage with true stereo sound that brings your favorite songs to life and provides a listening experience that a single speaker can’t match.

KEFLSXII 1 HiFi-Profis

Small speakers, big sound

The KEF LSX II has been improved over the first generation to deliver even more balanced sound in higher resolution. It is precisely tuned, with further improvements to the digital signal processing algorithms in the Music Integrity Engine (MIE?). Optimized for the Uni-Q driver array, the MIE delivers perfectly timed performance with clear, precise and balanced sound.

KEFLSXII 2 HiFi-Profis

Sitting everywhere, listening to every detail

Uni-Q® technology is the cornerstone of KEF’s signature sound. The Uni-Q driver array designed for the LSX II acts as a single point source, enlarging the “sweet spot” and distributing sound more evenly so that everyone sitting in different places in the room can experience the same natural, detailed sound.

Connectivity – All the music in the world

The LSX II’s advanced W2 wireless platform ensures that no matter how you want to listen to music, you can enjoy it with minimal effort and superb sound quality.

The KEF LSX II are the perfect partner for… all

Sound plays a big part in your home entertainment experience, and the LSX II enhances the overall experience with high-fidelity sound. Fully equipped with wired and wireless connectivity, the LSX II is perfect for music, gaming, TV, movies, and even your personal workspace.

Plug and play with TV, laptop and more

With the LSX II, you can connect your TV via HDMI-ARC, your laptop via USB-C, and even a turntable, CD player, or game console. If you want your movies and music with extra bass, there is a special output for connecting a KEF subwoofer.

Same music, same pleasure for every room

When paired with other LS wireless speaker systems like LSX II, LS50 Wireless II and LS60 Wireless, you can use Airplay 2, Chromecast or Roon to fill your entire home with music. This is perfect for parties where everyone in different rooms can enjoy the same playlist.

KEF LSX II auf Schreibtisch neben Bildschirm

Ease of use – Instant control in the palm of your hand.

The KEF Connect app guides you through easy setup and gives you complete control over what you play on the LSX II. It’s intuitive to use with any source in your home and allows for easy firmware updates that give you new and improved features with a minimum of fuss.

KEFLSXII 4 HiFi-Profis

Individual listening experience

With simple, subtle, yet powerful EQ settings, you can tune the KEF LSX II to best suit your room or personal taste. The only thing you may need is a tape measure.

Design – Blends into any environment

The LSX II delivers high-fidelity sound while being compact enough to fit into any environment. With its dedicated accessories, such as the S1 stand, P1 desk pad, and B1 wall mount, it’s also incredibly flexible, so you can mount the speakers on a bookshelf, on a desk, with the stand, or even on a wall.

High quality materials

Every aspect of the LSX II has been carefully considered, with a sleek rear connector panel and subtle design touches like the color-matched surfaces of the Uni-Q driver and connectors. It is available in five finishes: Mineral White (satin), Lava Red (high-gloss), Carbon Black (black), Cobalt Blue (cobalt blue) and the Soundwave by Terence Conran Edition, which is covered in a specially designed fabric by Danish textile designer Kvadrat.

Design by Michael Young

The aesthetic design of the LSX II comes from Michael Young, one of the leading minds in the world of industrial design. Famous for his refined interpretation of minimalism, Young’s intelligent, pared-down aesthetic strikes the perfect balance between form and function in the LSX II.

Soundwave by Terence Conran

The Soundwave by Terence Conran Edition brings together two of the UK’s most famous names in a single, unique design. The Uni-Q drivers and rear opening are finished in Conran’s signature blue, while a “Soundwave” pattern is woven into the unique Kvadrat fabric – a true statement of the meeting of acoustics and design.

KEFLSXII 5 HiFi-Profis

What’s new with the KEF LSX II?

The original was fantastic, but the LSX II is superior in every way, with improved sound, connectivity and ease of use. The W2 Wireless platform offers a robust and broader range of wireless streaming services. Additional HDMI ARC and USB-C port for easy plug-and-play solutions have been included. Support for up to 24-bit/384 kHz (PCM), DSD, and full MQA decoding creates audiophile-quality resolution. With the KEF Connect app, you can easily set up and control the KEF LSX II.


Product Highlights
  • The LSX II offers the highest sound quality in its size with streaming up to 24-bit/384 kHz, making high-fidelity sound accessible to more users
  • Listen to music the way you like it – with a minimum of effort and in excellent sound quality.
  • In conjunction with other wireless speakers, you can use AirPlay 2 and Chromecast to stream the same playlist throughout the house
  • LSX II features HDMI ARC and USB-C inputs, making it the perfect companion for TV, laptop and more
  • The LSX IIs deliver high-fidelity sound while being compact enough to fit in any environment. You can place the speakers on the shelf or desk, or even mount them on the wall with the appropriate accessories
  • Type : 2 way speaker system
  • Frequency response lower limit (Hz) : 54
  • Frequency response upper limit (Hz) : 28000
  • WiFi interface : Yes
  • Ethernet LAN : Yes
  • Bluetooth interface : Yes
  • Number of speaker boxes : 2
  • Type : Small/shelf speaker
  • Width (cm) : 15.5
  • Height (cm) : 24
  • Depth (cm) : 18
  • Weight (kg) : 7.2
  • Speaker type : Bookshelf speaker
  • D/A converter : 24-bit D/A converter
  • max. Sampling rate (KHz) : 384
  • Speaker system : 2-way speaker system
  • Sine power (W), per channel : 70
  • max. Sound pressure (dB) : 102
  • Frequency response lower limit (Hz) : 54
  • Frequency response upper limit (Hz) : 28000
  • Number of woofer-midrange : 1
  • Number of tweeters : 1
  • diameter woofer-midrange (cm) : 11.5
  • diameter tweeter (cm) : 1.9
  • Power consumption (W) : 200
  • Power consumption, stand-by (W) : 2
  • controllable via smartphone/tablet : Yes
  • Bluetooth interface : Yes
  • Number of HDMI interfaces (IN) : 1
  • USB interface : Yes
  • Ethernet LAN : Yes
  • WiFi interface : Yes
  • UPnP (Universal Plug & Play) : Yes
  • AirPlay capable : Yes
  • Chromecast (Google Cast) : Yes
  • Number Digital Optical (IN) : 1
  • Quantity audio IN (3.5 mm jack) : 1
  • Subwoofer (OUT) : Yes


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