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KEF Q50a | Dolby Atmos surround speaker

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KEF Q50a | Dolby Atmos surround speaker

The Q50a brings immersive Dolby Atmos highs to Q Series home cinema. It also mounts easily to the wall for a high-fidelity surround sound experience. The damped high frequency loading tube produces a detailed and natural high frequency sound. The styling allows the Q50a to blend seamlessly into any interior.

Flexible Dolby Atmos surround speaker

Dolby Atmos offers the potential for full-fledged cinema. The Q50a uses Uni-Q technology to achieve the full effect. Optimized for Q Series home cinema, the Q50a Dolby Atmos-enabled surround speaker features the latest Uni-Q driver array and advanced technology for high dynamics and precise, clean sound.

The Q Series from KEF

The Q Series makes cutting-edge acoustic technology from series like The Reference and Blade accessible to a wider audience. It offers exceptional value for money and provides detail and depth for everything you want to hear.

“Sit anywhere” Uni-Q sound from the KEF Q50a

At the center of the Q series is the Uni-Q driver. The patented “Sit-Anywhere” Uni-Q driver arrangement places the tweeter in the acoustic center of the bass/midrange cone, realizing the acoustic ideal of a single-point sound source better than ever before.

The result is a more precise sound image that is distributed more evenly throughout the room than is possible with conventional speakers.

KEF Q50a Uni-Q Sound aufbau
KEF Q50a der optimierte Hochtöner

Optimized tweeter

The integration of the damped tweeter with tube technology eliminates noise from the back of the tweeter, as well as dramatically improves the lower high-frequency response. A new low-distortion inductor on the crossover provides clearer bass response.

Drum and bass reproduction

The Q Series faithfully reproduces the subtleties of powerful bass instruments. The woofer drivers now have a larger rubber surround, which together with a new basket suspension provide clearer bass response at high volumes. A new cone structure improves midrange brilliance and an optimized passive woofer (ABR) with a new all-around and rear suspension provides better controlled and more impressive bass.

KEF Q50a Der Tieftöner
KEF Q50a Neues Systemdesign

New Q Series system design from KEF

Placing the Uni-Q driver in its own sealed cabinet reduces stress on the diaphragm, increasing clarity and detail while producing clean bass.

Midrange clarity is enhanced by driver improvements. Also, the DC block capacitor has been removed from the crossover, allowing for a more natural roll-off between drivers.

Product Highlights
  • Closed 2-way system
  • Driver: 130 mm (5.25 in.) Uni-Q with aluminum cone, 25 mm (1 in.) tweeter with vented aluminum dome tweeter
  • Frequency response: (+-3 db) 105 Hz – 18.5 kHz
  • Crossover frequency: 2.5 kHz
  • Max. Sound pressure: 106 dB
  • Amplifier power: 10-100 W
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm (min. 4.6 Ohm)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 174 x 180 x 259 mm / 178 x 180 x 259 mm with rubber feet
  • Weight: 4,24 kg
  • Type : 2 way surround speaker
  • Surround rated power handling (W) : 10
  • Surround speaker width (cm) : 18
  • Height surround speaker (cm) : 17.8
  • Surround speaker depth (cm) : 25.9
  • weight surround speakers (kg) : 4.24
  • Dolby Atmos auxiliary speakers : Yes
  • Speaker type Surround : Bookshelf speaker Surround
  • Wall mounting possible : Yes
  • Efficiency/sound pressure 2.83V/1m (dB) : 86
  • Rated power handling (W) : 10
  • Music power handling (W) : 100
  • min. Impedance (Ohm) : 4.6
  • max. Impedance (Ohm) : 8
  • Crossover frequency mid-high (Hz) : 2500
  • Construction surround : closed speaker cabinet surround
  • Speaker system surround : 2-way speaker system surround
  • Number of tweeters : 1
  • Number midrange : 1
  • diameter tweeter (cm) : 2.5
  • diameter midrange driver (cm) : 13
  • Width (cm) : 18
  • Height (cm) : 17.8
  • Depth (cm) : 25.9
  • Weight (kg) : 4.24



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