Triad Bronze 4 Slim Sub

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Triad Bronze 4 Slim Sub | Great basses

  • Brand new DSP BASH technology
  • Flush Acoustiperf grill can be used with the exclusive color matching program
  • Real performer
  • Uncomplicated furnishing

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IW Bronze/4 Slimsub

Triad’s newest in-wall subwoofer allows you to integrate full bass into your system, even if you only have a 4″ wall depth. The InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub fits into a standard 4″ wall and can be retrofitted as well as used in new construction. The flush Acoustiperf grille can be further integrated into your environment with Triad’s exclusive color customization program.
Color matching program…we perfectly match your Speaker to your wall color by providing the one you you.

Great basses

Unlike most InWall subwoofers, the InWall Bronze4/ SlimSub is a true performer. An InWall SlimSub delivers great bass for music or smaller A/V systems, and a second sub can be paired for additional power. Now you can enjoy great bass in a small space, without large boxes on the floor or grilles sticking out of the wall. SlimSubs can be equipped with the new 350-watt RackAmp 350, which allows for easy “plug-and-play” and straightforward furnishing. You can get a great performance in almost any room. Triad has a custom subwoofer solution for virtually any application, offering both superior performance and seamless integration into your décor.

triadbronze4slimsub HiFi-Profis
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More features

  • Amplifier: rack (1 place) mountable 350 watt DSP
  • Brand new DSP BASH technology.
  • Compact and efficient – only 14-1/4″ deep; rack friendly (ears included).
  • EnergyStar compliant and energy efficient.
  • Low heat generation.
  • Five user-selectable preset modes. (Reference,
    Cinema, Night, THX, Custom1, Custom2).
  • Intuitive menus.
  • Changes are dynamic (audible in real time) and are saved automatically.


4 Ohm, 8 Ohm

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