Sonance SonArray SR1 8.1 (unpacking equipment)

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Sonance SonArray SR1 8.1 | Outstanding sound quality

  • Easy to install
  • UV resistant and temperature resistant
  • Minimizes sound spillover to adjacent neighborhoods

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Sonance SonArray SR1 8.1 – An overview

Until now, you have only been able to listen to your favorite music in the quality you are used to within your own four walls. But what about when you also like to spend time outside in the garden? Just then, it would be nice to enjoy your favorite playlist with friends, over a glass of wine, at a perfectly even volume. Sonance has the solution for exactly such situations. The SonArray SR1 system provides even sound coverage in your garden and minimizes the risk of disturbing your neighbors.

Amazing sound quality at a perfectly even volume level

The Sonance SonArray SR1 8.1 system directs the sound where it is wanted. With the SonArray SR1 you bring a whole new atmosphere to your garden. The SR1 is an outdoor satellite and subwoofer speaker system. Once installed, its natural hue makes it easy to camouflage under plants or in flower beds.

The system directs sound where it is desired and minimizes sound spillover to adjacent neighborhoods. The 8″ subwoofer delivers incredibly accurate bass response and radiates sound into the same area as the eight satellite speakers. The result is amazing sound quality with perfectly even volume in all areas up to 185m². It can withstand the harshest conditions Mother Nature has to offer: from -29˚ to 88˚C across all 4 seasons. The SR1 system is weatherproof according to IP44.

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The SonArray SR1 system uses an extremely simple wiring configuration that makes installation a breeze. A speaker cable for outdoor use is recommended. The SCP 14/4 DB loudspeaker ground cable is recommended for this purpose. It is UV resistant and temperature resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Simply reliable

The SR 2-125 amplifier from Sonance is the ideal companion for the Sonance SonArray SR1 8.1 system. The SR 2-125 is a 125-watt stereo amplifier with pre-programmed DSP presets that are easily accessible through built-in controls on the back of the amplifier. These built-in presets minimize the time required and guarantee reliable operation.

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