Audio-Technica AT-VM95ML

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Audio-Technica AT-VM95ML

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VM95 Series – Stereo Pickup, Microlinear

The AT-VM95ML is equipped with a bare microlinear diamond, which, thanks to its special cut and the lower distortion at the end of the plate (internal grooves) typical of line-contact needles, ensures twice the service life, while also boasting an extended frequency response and better resolution of the mid and high frequencies.

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VM95 series ? Compatibility overview pickups

Even the best diamond needle wears out after some time – conical needles after about 500 hours, elliptical after 300 hours, microlinear needles after 1000 hours, and Shibata needles after about 800 hours.

For this reason, we designed our VM95 series dual-moving-magnet cartridges so that the styli can be interchanged and the cartridge itself can be used almost indefinitely. So if the stylus is worn out, you don’t need to buy a new cartridge, just the right replacement stylus – or you can upgrade your system with another, higher-quality stylus.

All six VM95 cartridge models have the same electromagnetic drive unit (cabinet). Therefore, the six styli of this series are also 100% compatible.


AT-VM95 series: compatible with AT-XP series DJ cartridges

  • The XP cartridge’s electromagnetic drive unit (cabinet) is fully compatible with all VM95 series replacement cartridges and provides a higher output voltage than VM95 cartridges – for better compatibility with phono inputs of professional DJ mixers.
  • In addition, the electromagnetic drive unit (cabinet) the VM95 cartridges can be combined with the three replacement needles of the DJ cartridge series AT-XP, although the XP series offers a higher output voltage than the VM95 series for optimal compatibility with phono inputs of professional DJ mixers.
  • When using XP-series scanning needles, note that the typical contact force in this case is three grams, not two grams as with VM95-series needles.
  • The suspension and features the XP needles have been specifically optimized for intensive DJ use such as manual cueing and back cueing (forward and backward movements).
  • Suspension and features VM95 cartridges are designed for high-quality, “audiophile” music reproduction.


Microlinear needle

Diamond needles with microlinear grinding are characterized by better height scanning, less wear and less distortion than elliptical needles or conventional line-contact needles.

Mounting without nuts

VM95 series cartridges have two M2.6 threaded inserts that allow installation on the tonearm or (replaceable) headshell without nuts. Each pickup comes with four M2.6 screws (2 x 8 mm and 2 x 11 mm) and two plastic washers.



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