Dynavector 10X5 MK2

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Dynavector 10X5 MK2 | DV-10X5 MKII MC cartridge

High output MC pickup with aluminum cantilever

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First launched in 1978 and 1981 and awarded the (then) prestigious Design and Engineering Award at the Chicago CES in 1978 and 1981. up device or MC phono preamplifier.


Along with several exclusive Dynavector technologies that include Magnetic Flux Damping, Softened Magnetism (patent) and powerful Neodymium magnets, which provide the smooth treble response Dynavector is known for.

The Dynavector 10X5 MKII also features an improved stylus assembly with the naked diamond “Shibata III” line contact pin and an improved hardened cantilever material. These enhancements ensure reliable tracking capability over even the most torturous record grooves, while achieving extended high-frequency response and improved musical resolution.

Dynavector’s legendary finest wire coil winding technology has enabled the Dynavector 10X5 MKII to meticulously increase coil windings and achieve a reduction in impedance to 150 ohms while maintaining a healthy 2.8 mV output.

Mounting of the cartridge to the tonearm is achieved by a rigid red aluminum head block that provides a stable platform for the cartridge along with easy and secure attachment to the tonearm.




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