Grado Gold 3

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Grado Gold 3 | Optimized sound image

  • Less distortion and greater transparency
  • Excellent balance over the entire frequency range
  • Extremely rewarding reproduction of voices and instruments
  • Precise balance between channels and accurate stereo imaging

Daniel Roth
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Profi Opinion

"Moving Iron (MI) is the special case among the scanners. It combines low moving mass similar to MC technology with high output voltage of MM technology. In addition, the needles are replaceable. "

Important notes:

Operated at the MM input (47K ohms). Super price-performance ratio


The Gold3 uses a four-piece OTL cantilever with a Grado-specific elliptical diamond needle mounted on a brass bushing. The Grado Gold 3 uses a machine-turned generator to achieve lower distortion and greater transparency. The Gold 3 are hand selected from the Silver3 production runs that meet higher test specifications. About 5% of the series have these specifications and become gold 3. Grado’s OTL (Optimized Transmission Line) technology ensures ideal transmission of the signal from the surface of the record to the generator of the system.

Other features of the Grado Gold 3

This technology suppresses unwanted resonance and reduces distortion, preserving the fundamental and overtone frequencies of the music. This also helps to minimize the noise generated by the pickup’s motor system. Grado’s OTL cartridge design makes records sound quieter, improves the height, width and depth of the sound image, and reveals more detail than before.

gradogold3 1 HiFi-Profis

Excellent tonal balance, dynamics and realism

The Gold 3 are all assembled by hand by Grado’s team in Brooklyn, with some builders having over 25 years of experience. With the recent development of the highly acclaimed Lineage series of pickups, Grado was able to advance the technology and bring a new technique to the Gold 3. This updated series of pickups provides excellent tonal balance, dynamics and realism for highly rewarding reproduction of voices and instruments.

Coil winding techniques using high-purity copper wire, refined during the development of the Lineage series, have resulted in the electrical circuits between the four coils in each pickup achieving unison. This allows for precise balance between channels and accurate stereo imaging. Like all Grado cartridges, the Gold 3 are driven by a dual magnet system that optimizes the balance between the stereo channels.

Grado’s patented flux-bridger design allows the Gold 3 to have one of the lowest effective moving mass systems, while providing excellent balance across the frequency range.

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Unhindered transmission of the signals

In the development of the Epoch in the Lineage series, Grado has had in-depth experience with the use of an outer casing as a damping device. This led to the development of a process that relieves the chassis and dissipates unwanted energy and resonant frequencies so that the desired signal can be transmitted unimpeded.



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