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AVM OVATION PH 8.3 | With exclusive tube technology

  • OVATION tube phono preamplifier with up to 4 inputs (as optional modules, pluggable)
  • Available input modules: MC XLR balanced, MC RCA, MM RCA
  • Analog and pure passive phono signal equalization
  • Extensive menu functions (adjustable input sensitivity, peak power, etc.)
  • Included RC PH remote control for convenient control of gain, equalization curve, load, and more.

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The AVM PH8.3

Pickups for vinyl players always require an additional amplification stage. In order to exploit all the possibilities of the analog disc to the utmost limit, AVM has developed an audiophile phono preamplifier with a wide range of extensive comfort functions. With the OVATION PH 8.3, adjustments to the phono preamplifier can be made conveniently from the listening position to ideally reproduce different pickup systems, arms and vinyl players. As with all models of the OVATION 8 series, an original OVATION tube stage with exclusive AVM 803 T tube technology and its unmistakably charming tube sound is used as the output stage.

Convenient and simple

Maximum convenience and comparability: With the OVATION PH 8.3 phono preamplifier, all common adjustments of a pickup system (MM/MC) can be made and much more! The ideal and personal settings can be easily found from the listening position: Gain, load, mono/stereo, and also the equalization curve as well as the subsonic filter can be conveniently adjusted and saved via remote control. The listening position does not have to be left for this and the ideal comparability, even between different arms/pickup systems, becomes very easy.

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The technology behind it

The PH8.3 equalizes the phono signals purely passively and analog and not in an amplifier stage. This has the advantage that each of the three time constants can be set individually. This makes it possible to use 5 other common LP equalizations (RIAA, TELDEC, NARTB, EMI, COLUMBIA, DECCA) in addition to the RIAA curve that is widely used today. These curves differ in the corner frequencies & time constants applied when cutting the record. These cut-off characteristics are inverted by the PH 8.3 with an accuracy of better than +/- 0.1 dB.

This extreme accuracy is achieved by the complex matching procedure of the installed resistors (matched to 0.1%) and the film capacitors (matched to 0.5%). The switchable subsonic filter effectively attenuates rumble (30Hz/12dB/octave). To calibrate different pickup systems, the levels (gain) can be adjusted in 5dB steps. For ideal sound calibration and for older recordings, mono/stereo and the phase can also be inverted. All adjustments or settings can be made conveniently from the listening position via the supplied remote control and are also saved automatically.

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Highly accurate supply voltages

On the input plug-in cards, the incoming signals are amplified to line level (about to 150mV) right after input, by 40dB for MM, by 60dB for MC. All equalizations or adjustments are then made with these strongly magnified signals, distortion components of all subsequent stages are thus proportionally much less important.

Up to 4 different inputs can be equipped according to choice, thus any combinations can be selected from the following input modules: MC XLR (balanced), MC RCA, MM RCA. The PH 8.3 automatically recognizes which modules are plugged in which places or as combinations and adapts all functions such as the menu structures. The inputs can also be named individually. Inputs are galvanically isolated from each other.

The effort is also immense for the power supplies: 5 independent power supplies supply all stages of the PH 8.3 individually and effectively exclude unwanted mutual interference of the amplifier stages by other modules. The silent switching power supplies provide highly accurate supply voltages, virtually independent of the mains voltage. Unlike large transformer power supplies, these power supplies do not generate sonically negative magnetic fields.


  • 355 x 430 x 130 mm (D x W x H)
  • 1 x Line/Fix Out XLR, 1 x Line/Fix Out Cinch


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