Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE II

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Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE II | More is more: More power, more feeling

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The further developed version of the multiple award-winning Black Cube SE has it all: Based on the audio circuitry of the SE, the SE II has been expanded with higher quality jacks, visually it shines with a cabinet with front panel. An extensively customizable bass filter takes the performance of the Black Cube series to a new level.

As the proud owner of a Black Cube SE II, you’ll feel like the music was written just for you. Hardly any other system can be tailored to your listening habits and tonalpreferences as individually as this masterful device. The Black Cube SE II will bring you and your favorite music together even more intensively!

A truly audiophile phono stage

Throughout the Black Cube series, it is clear how the best components provide an excellent sound image. All the more the Black Cube SE II enjoys a special status: the improved jacks and an extensively configurable bass filter with sixteen different settings effortlessly satisfy even the most sophisticated demands.

“This is a true audiophile phono stage that – when combined with equipment of comparable quality – delivers remarkable results.”

– Hifi News

The Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE II can be connected to virtually all systems on the market, from high-output MM to MC. There is one slot per channel for the solderless assembly of a selector impedance, and there is an additional, directly effective hard-wire slot. If you would like resistors to adapt your personal system to the Black Cube SE II, we will include them with your order free of charge.

The high-precision, passive RIAA filter network is located between two linear amplification stages and is implemented using high-quality, impulse-resistant, tight-tolerance polypropylene film capacitors. This allows impulses, dynamics and timbres to reach the listener unaltered. As in the entire Black Cube family, professional input stages of the latest generation are used in the Black Cube SE II, enabling precise, low-noise and powerful reproduction. The audio section contains additional modules for effective hum, RF, and noise voltage suppression. The use of a double-sided audio board allows optimized conductor routing for particularly interference-free operation.

The powerful, heavily oversized external power supply ensures particularly safe operation thanks to a custom-made toroidal transformer with a static shield. Neutrik XLR connectors with gold-plated contacts provide secure contact between audio part and PWX power supply, the cable between audio and power supply is shielded. In addition, the two Gehäuse are made of non-magnetic material (aluminum) and are each mechanically damped in the lid.

With its high-quality front panel (silver, black or chrome-plated), the Black Cube SE II also cuts a fine figure in a hi-fi rack.


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