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Pro-Ject Debut PRO | Hybrid tonearm

The new Debut PRO features a one-piece carbon aluminum hybrid tonearm. The carbon layer gives the tonearm high rigidity, while the inner aluminum tube provides the damping of the tonearm. This makes the tonearm perfect to upgrade with higher quality MC cartridges!

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Profi Opinion

"The optimized version of the successful Debut Carbon Evo has succeeded. The "Pick It Pro" MM pickup system, specially manufactured by Ortofon, has a wide dynamic range and plays very precisely."

Important notes:

Pro-Ject "High Power it" power supply recommended.

Pro-Ject Debut Pro | A class of its own

After the Debut Carbon EVO 2020 revolutionized the Debut series, the Debut PRO raises the bar even higher. Pro-Ject have developed not only a new turntable, but also a completely new cartridge.

Pick it PRO developed by Pro-Ject

Pick it PRO delivers a more lively and robust sound and convinces with its wide dynamic range. The perfect combination of components is the key to success and result in the great charismatic sound of the Pick it PRO.

Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 1 HiFi-Profis
Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 9 1 HiFi-Profis
Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 8 1 HiFi-Profis
Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 10 1 HiFi-Profis
Pro-Ject Debut PRO

Pro-Ject say: A milestone for the next decades

The Debut PRO brings an absolutely new design to Pro-Ject turntables. The audiophile turntable convinces in every respect – not only visually, but especially in terms of sound.

The precision CNC milled parts are perfectly matched visually and lead the Debut PRO to its modern simple, elegant and unprecedented design. The nickel finish on these components results in a hard, durable surface. This process allows us to produce very high quality and sustainable components, avoiding the use of aging-resistant plastics and similar materials, which would compromise the appearance and, more importantly, the sound quality.

The tonearm bearing is a completely new design. Precisely CNC machined from a single block of aluminum. The individual production steps can be seen above. The final step is to give the aluminum parts a nickel finish. This increases the rigidity of the bearing and ensures free and fluid movement of the tonearm with precise tracking, without material degradation in appearance or function.

A throne for your records

The electronically controlled synchronous motor drives the platter and guarantees the most accurate and stable speeds. Simply switch between them with the toggle switch. With the included round belt for 78 rpm you can also listen to your shellac records.

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Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 4 HiFi-Profis
Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 5 scaled HiFi-Profis

The new Debut PRO turntable…

…never existed on any Pro-Ject turntable before. It features a notch for the record label and together with our Record Puck PRO (sold separately), the weight of the puck presses your record firmly and securely against the platter. The die-cast aluminum platter is reworked and precision-balanced in an additional operation to produce a smoothly rotating platter. It is anti-magnetic, so MC cartridges will work in their entirety. Dive deep into the extensive upgrade path Debut PRO has to offer!

Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 6 scaled HiFi-Profis

The anti-magnetic heavy aluminum plate…

…has a ring of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) on the inside that dampens all resonances and minimizes wow and flutter. Our Record Puck PRO, sold separately, provides an extra level of cushioning and stability, making it the perfect complement to the Debut PRO.

Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 11 HiFi-Profis

Pick it PRO

Lively and robust sound

The perfect combination of components is the key to the great sound of the Pick it PRO.

Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 12 HiFi-Profis

Nickel finish

Sustainable components

The nickel finish on the aluminum components results in a hard, durable surface.

Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 13 HiFi-Profis

Hybrid tone arm

Carbon aluminum sandwich

This super stiff and uniquely damped tone arm provides perfect tracking of the record groove.

Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 14 HiFi-Profis

VTA & Azimuth

Fully adjustable

The Debut PRO comes with fully adjustable azimuth and VTA. It offers you the possibility to modify your turntable according to your wishes.

Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 15 HiFi-Profis

33/45/78 rpm

High precision motor control

The precise electronically controlled speed guarantees the most accurate and stable speeds. Easily switch between speeds with the toggle switch.

Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 16 HiFi-Profis

Bearing block

New design

The precision CNC machined and nickel plated tonearm bearing parts have been completely redesigned for the Debut PRO.

Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 17 HiFi-Profis

Special plate

TPE damped & anti-magnetic

The heavy aluminum platter has a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) ring inside that dampens all resonances.

Pro Ject Debut PRO Content 18 HiFi-Profis

Metal feet

Damped & height adjustable

The three height-adjustable damped aluminum feet guarantee the perfect stand & massively reduce the risk of acoustic feedback.

Speeds 33, 45/(78) (electr. changeover)
Drive principle Belt drive with electr. Control
platter 300mm, die-cast aluminum plate with TPE damping and felt mat
Main bearing high precision stainless steel axle in bronze bushing
Wow & flutter 33: +/-0,16%; 45: +/-0,14%
Sw. Deviation 33: +/-0,40%; 45: +/-0,50%
Signal- Noise distance 68dB
Tone arm 8,6 one piece carbon aluminum tonearm
Effective tonearm length/mass 218.5 mm / 10.0 g
Overhang 18,5mm
Included accessories 15V DC / 0,8A power supply, cover, 78 RPM belt, 7?? Single adapter
Power consumption 4W / 0W standby
Dimensions 415 x 113 x 320mm (WxHxD)
Weight 6kg net
Accessories (3.5 mm) 6.3 mm plug adapter bag


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