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TECHNICS SL-1210GEG-K | Direct Drive turntable

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Ironless direct drive motor

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With conventional analog turntables, various factors can affect the sound quality: For example, minimal tempo vibrations during rotation as well as irregular rotation (the so-called pole judder). The SL-1200G uses a newly developed direct drive motor without an iron core that prevents cogging. The twin rotor design reduces the load on the motor bearing while maintaining high torque. It also reduces minimal vibration during rotation. These features allow the warm, exceptionally detailed sound of an analog record to unfold.

High precision motor control

The SL-1200G shines with a high starting torque and outstanding synchronization. This is made possible both by the use of motor control technologies perfected in the development of Blu-ray players and by switching the drive mode depending on the current motor position.

Three layer platter

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The platter consists of a three-layer construction: a brass layer tightly screwed to a die-cast aluminum layer, and an underside coating of a vibration-damping rubber compound. This ensures high rigidity and vibration-free rotation. This results in a smoothness and inertia that surpasses even the SP-10MK2 – the former turntable used by many radio stations worldwide. Also, this platter is more than twice as heavy as the SL-1200MK5.

High precision fine balancing

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Uneven weight distribution on the platter creates vibrations and noise during rotation, which affect the audio signal. For this reason, the platter each individual unit is finely balanced after assembly with the aid of special, high-precision devices. Only then does the turntable receive its “award”: a sticker on the underside with the inscription “BALANCED”.

Highly sensitive tone arm

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The tone arm is made of lightweight magnesium with high damping effect. Cold drawing improves the material properties and achieves the necessary precision. With the help of Technics’ traditional gimbal suspension, in which the horizontal and vertical axes of rotation intersect at a central point, and precision bearings with cut-to-size cabinet, high sensitivity to initial movement is also achieved.

Four-layer chassis design

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The SL-1210Mk5’s classic three-layer chassis construction of die-cast aluminum, BMC, and heavyweight rubber is joined on the SL-1200G by a line-ground, 10mm-thick top plate of purest aluminum. This four-layer composite construction combines high rigidity with outstanding feel.

High quality connections

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The gold-plated milled brass phono and ground connectors prevent degradation of sound quality and allow easy connection and disconnection of cables. The metal shielding in the cabinet also reduces the effect of external interference.



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