The exceptionally slim OBERON 7 C floor-stand speaker is equipped with two 18 cm (7′) woofers whose wood-fiber cones are driven by an SMC magnet system. They are supported by the same 29 mm fabric dome tweeter that is also installed in the OBERON 1 C. Despite its size, the OBERON 7 C appears light on its feet and impresses with its ability to reproduce any style of music naturally and authentically, even at low volumes. The OBERON 7 C has an integrated die-cast base on which spikes or rubber feet can be mounted.

The OBERON 7 C is intended for larger rooms in which music should be played at a high volume. It is the right choice for more ambitious music lovers, for whom an audio system is also a commitment. Where there is more space, of course, more variations are conceivable in the placement of speaker. Accordingly, a pair of OBERON 7 C speaker may very well complement a TV as a high-quality TV audio solution. Nevertheless, their most important role will usually be music playback from CDs or streaming services.

wide dispersion 02 HiFi-Profis


The drivers and crossovers used in the OBERON C Series are designed to radiate audio signals at particularly wide angles. This not only enables sonorous and spatially precise reproduction outside the sweet spot, but also significantly reduces harmonic distortions and diffractions that impair the sound.

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Audio signals are transmitted from the SOUND HUB COMPACT to the OBERON C loudspeakers using a proprietary 30-bit wireless protocol. Here, the latency from the input to the Speaker is usually only less than 15 ms, and both Speaker are also driven absolutely simultaneously.

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The pole piece of the magnet systems of all OBERON C bass-midrange drivers is partly made of DALI’s patented non-conductive Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) magnet material. The use of SMC significantly reduces mechanical distortion, which makes the Speaker sound very pleasant even over a long period of time and surprisingly detailed considering the price range.

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Each OBERON C Speaker uses two Class-D power amplifiers, each with a pulse power of 50 watts, selected for their high sound quality and dynamics. One amplifier supplies the tweeter, one the bass-midrange driver (or the two bass-midrange drivers of the OBERON 7 C).