Devialet Phantom I 108 DB

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Devialet Phantom I 108 DB | The Ultimate Connected Speaker

  • Hear every detail with unimaginable clarity and precision
  • Titanium tweeter
  • Powerful sound and ultra deep bass
  • Sound in pure and unadulterated form
  • Finished in fine 22 karat gold

Sascha Duerr
hifi profi

06151171046 [email protected]

Profi Opinion

"Hardly any, if not no other streaming speaker triggers as much euphoria as the Phantom I 108 dB. As soon as the two bass drivers get going and the Phantom effortlessly and precisely plays large orchestras up to pop music, the eyes get bigger and the grin gets wider. "

Important notes:

Optical In / Stereo Pairing possible / Devialet App required

The epitome of exceptional precision and powerful sound in gold and titanium

Phantom I 108 dB, the ultimate connected speaker. Hear every detail with unimaginable clarity and precision thanks to a titanium tweeter. Give in to the powerful sound and ultra-deep bass. Sound in pure and unadulterated form, refined in fine 22-karat gold. Without excuses 0 distortion – 0 sound oversaturation – 0 background noise

Feel the sound all over your body.

All of Devialet’s class-leading inventions in an elegant and compact design for your home. High-Fidelity. Ultra dense sound.

108 dB SPL – Maximum Sound Level

Sound that you feel to the core. Experience sound in a physical way, as is characteristic of Devialet.

14Hz – 27kHz – Frequency response

Hear every detail with unimaginable clarity and precision. Surrender to the indescribable sonority and impressively deep bass.

1100 Watts RMS – Total amplification power

Such a powerful and clear sound should not really be possible in such a compact form. Let yourself be moved, even at low volume.

MM611 PhantomI 108dB Gold 01 HiFi-Profis

Ultimate power and compactness

Created for intense listening experiences, the new mobile Phantom includes all of Devialet’s technologies in less than 3 liters.

The Devialet App: Sound the way you want it

Such an incredible performance must be controllable. Through the Devialet app, you can set up your Phantom, tune the settings, and always stay up to date. An intuitive companion, the app allows you to tailor your Phantom to your needs: From furnishing to adjusting latency for A/V to enabling standby mode or adjusting bass for night mode.

MM611 PhantomI 108dB Gold 04 2 HiFi-Profis

Heart Bass Implosion®

The Phantom’s hermetically sealed architecture consists of two side-mounted woofers and is designed for use under extreme constraints. On command, they begin a synchronized duet, creating opposing forces that cancel out even the slightest vibrations and produce an ultra-dense sound that gets under your skin even before your ears perceive it.

It is good to have control

The Phantom’s soul mate. Each Phantom I comes with a special remote control that allows you to control the music or movie with the utmost precision, even from a distance. The full potential of your Phantom devices is available to you at the touch of a button.

MM611 PhantomI 108dB Gold 05 HiFi-Profis
MM611 PhantomI 108dB Gold 06 HiFi-Profis

Product Highlights
  • 14Hz – 27000Hz
  • 2x 1100 Watts RMS
  • Spotify Connect
  • Airplay 2
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • UPnP
  • Roon Ready
  • Type : 3 way speaker system
  • Frequency response lower limit (Hz) : 14
  • Frequency response upper limit (Hz) : 27000
  • WiFi interface : Yes
  • Ethernet LAN : Yes
  • Bluetooth interface : Yes
  • Number of speaker boxes : 1
  • Width (cm) : 25.2
  • Height (cm) : 25.5
  • Depth (cm) : 34.2
  • Weight (kg) : 11.4
  • Bluetooth transmission standard A2DP : Yes
  • Function extension via apps : Yes
  • AirPlay capable : Yes
  • Speaker system : 3-way speaker system
  • Distortion factor (%) : 0.0005
  • max. Sound pressure (dB) : 108
  • Frequency response lower limit (Hz) : 14
  • Frequency response upper limit (Hz) : 27000
  • Output power (W) : 1100
  • output power per channel (W) : 500
  • controllable via smartphone/tablet : Yes
  • Digital Optical (IN) : Yes
  • Ethernet LAN : Yes
  • WiFi interface : Yes
  • Bluetooth interface : Yes
  • Number of speaker boxes : 1
  • Width (cm) : 25.2
  • Height (cm) : 25.5
  • Depth (cm) : 34.2
  • Weight (kg) : 11.4



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