Dynaudio Evoke 10

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Dynaudio Evoke 10 | Seriously entertaining. The compact speaker for smaller rooms.

Max Fuchs
hifi profi

[email protected]

Profi Opinion

"If great stage imaging and detailed instrument reproduction are important to you, you'll find what you're looking for here. The classic Dynaudio characteristics are definitely attributed to this speaker. Absolute recommendation! "

Important notes:

Powerful amplifier recommended

Try it out: Plug it in, turn it up – and invite a friend. We would bet that he will ask you where the other speakers are hidden. And at this point, you’ll smile and invite him to the sofa – right in the sweet spot of your system. And then turn the volume knob up a bit more.

For 40 years we have been developing loudspeakers whose performance seems to bear no explicable relation to their physical size. The Evoke 10 is no exception. This is a serious hi-fi speaker – designed for unrestricted listening pleasure.

A classic Dynaudio model – with a modern element
The Evoke’s 14 cm diameter long-throw woofer/midrange is made of MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) – just like the best Dynaudio speakers we’ve built since our founding in 1977. Here, new mounts are used to increase the range, frequency response and dynamics in the bass range. At the same time, mids are reproduced in outstanding quality.

Would you like to know the secrets of the woofer? The diaphragm is 0.4 mm thin and provides the optimal combination of lightness, stiffness and damping that ensures optimum reproduction performance. It is one piece (the dust cap is part of the playback surface) and is directly connected to the rigid fiberglass voice coil former with the balance ribs you see around the center dome. This means that the entire unit moves in a predictable (and carefully tuned) manner. The bass and midrange reproduction is perfectly balanced here.

The 38 mm voice coil itself is made of aluminum, making it extremely lightweight. This means that more windings are possible. More windings, in turn, allow us better control over the movement of the diaphragm, which means more control over the sound – and that even at high volume and high frequencies. It is stabilized and centered by the Nomex centering spider – the spring assembly that ensures that the diaphragm moves only as desired and otherwise stays in place.

The entire assembly is driven by our new, high-performance strontium carbonate ferrite+ ceramic magnet system.

Cerotar: a brand new tweeter
At the top we find the completely newly developed Cerotar fabric tweeter with 28 mm diameter. Our developers took another look at two exceptional products: the tweeters of the multiple award-winning Dynaudio Special Forty and the high-end Confidence loudspeaker. Here they found key technologies that went into the Evoke speakers. An invisible, yet spectacularly effective element of the ensemble is the Hexis – an ingeniously designed inner dome behind the tweeter’s reproduction surface that smooths the frequency response and eliminates unwanted resonances.

The Cerotar – like the woofer – is driven by a powerful Ferrite+ ceramic magnet system.

The connection between the drivers is made by a high-quality second-order crossover. The design is based on the crossover of the Confidence, although other components are used. So when we say you get real high-end technology here, we mean it.

Honest Danish Design
The Evoke 10 is available in four stunningly beautiful finishes: “Black High Gloss”, “White High Gloss”, “Walnut Wood” and “Blonde Wood”. The “Gloss” variants are indeed shiny products in the best sense. New painting processes have allowed us to achieve an opulent, almost glass-like finish here. The wood variants are characterized by a tactile, open natural veneer. Choose here between a warm, dark shade and light wood tone.

You may also notice that there are no mounting screws on these speakers. On the Evoke, they lie beneath sleek, elegant trim rings that show off the high-quality finish of the Gehäuseand the moving parts of the drivers. These rings are made of one piece and receive the same structure as the Gehäuse during the manufacturing process – creating a coherent whole.

Clear, beautiful and honest. In short, Danish design par excellence.

This flexibility allows you to move easily with your Evoke speakers – loyal companions that will bring you joy in any environment; for a lifetime.

Product Highlights
  • Sensitivity: 84 dB (2.83 V/1 m)
  • IEC power handling: 180 watts
  • Impedance: 6 O
  • Frequency response (±3 dB): 47 Hz to 23 kHz
  • Design: Bass reflex rear
  • Crossover: 2-way
  • Crossover frequency: 1400 Hz
  • Crossover Typology: Second Order
  • Type : 2 way speaker system
  • music power watts per channel (W) : 180
  • Frequency response lower limit (Hz) : 47
  • Frequency response upper limit (Hz) : 23000
  • Type : Small/shelf speaker
  • Bass reflex system : Yes
  • Width (cm) : 18
  • Height (cm) : 31.5
  • Depth (cm) : 27.7
  • Weight (kg) : 6.7
  • Speaker type : Bookshelf speaker
  • Speaker system : 2-way speaker system
  • Cabinet (closed/bass reflex) : Bass reflex system
  • Efficiency/sound pressure 2.83V/1m (dB) : 84
  • Impedance (Ohm) : 6
  • Music power handling (W) : 180
  • Frequency response lower limit (Hz) : 47
  • Frequency response upper limit (Hz) : 23000
  • Crossover frequency mid-high (Hz) : 1400
  • Number of tweeters : 1
  • Number of woofers : 1
  • diameter tweeter (cm) : 2.8
  • diameter woofer (cm) : 15


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