Sonoro Grand Orchestra

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Sonoro Grand Orchestra

-6 dB
  • Sensitivity 87.5 dB SPL (2.83 V/1 m)
  • woofer 2x 6″ PE-coated paper driver with die-cast basket and double magnet
  • Tweeter Air Motion Transformer with neodymium drive, diaphragm area approx. 85 cm².
  • Hand sanded wooden case with rounded corners and high quality matte finish
  • Recommended amplifier power 50 – 170 W
  • Equipment & Technology

    • Type : 2 way speaker system
    • Frequency response lower limit (Hz) : 38
    • Frequency response upper limit (Hz) : 32000

    cabinet features

    • Number of speaker boxes : 2
    • Type : Floor-standing speaker
    • Width (cm) : 28
    • Height (cm) : 104.2
    • Depth (cm) : 34.9
    • Weight (kg) : 24.8
    • Color : white

    Performance features

    • Speaker type : Floor-standing speaker
    • Speaker system : 2-way speaker system
    • Efficiency/Sound pressure 2.83V/1m (dB) : 87.5
    • Impedance (Ohm) : 4
    • min. recommended amplifier power (W) : 50
    • max. recommended amplifier power (W) : 170
    • Frequency response lower limit (Hz) : 38
    • Frequency response upper limit (Hz) : 32000
    • Number of ribbon tweeters : 1
    • Number of woofers : 2


    • Cabinet colours: white

    Daniel Roth
    hifi profi

    [email protected]

    Profi Opinion

    "The Orchestra plays unobtrusively in the high frequencies, but with typical ribbon precision. It should be angled towards the listening position. Thus, not only a balanced sound image is achieved, but also an outstandingly deep staggered image. "

    Important notes:

    Long play-in is mandatory. The ribbon needs its time to fully unfold its fine dynamics.

    For the big stage in the living room

    The big brother of the popular ORCHESTRA floorstanding speaker. Rounded cabinet, high-quality surfaces with a perfect finish, and speaker cones that nestle seamlessly into the baffles without visible screw connections create a modern aesthetic. Behind the elegant appearance hides a real powerhouse with two through a double magnet powered 6 woofers and an air motion transformer with neodymium drive. A slim premium floorstanding speaker that harmonizes well with smaller amplifiers and tubes, as well as mastering the fine balance between elegance and impressive sound.

    Powerful bass, precise control and clear sound

    The two-and-a-half-way concept of the GRAND ORCHESTRA enables a homogeneous dispersion behavior with high sensitivity at the same time. The rearward sloping baffle, offset air motion transformer and carefully tuned crossover provide improved timing, precise instrument location and a spacious stage. You will hear and feel the location of each instrument played.

    sonoro GRANDORCHESTRA Schwarz matt 2020 11 2 3.jpg HiFi-Profis
    sonoro GRANDORCHESTRA Weiss matt 2020 12.jpg HiFi-Profis

    Combination of sound and design

    The sonoro GRAND ORCHESTRA are a real eye-catcher in any living room. Its hand-sanded wooden case is finished with a high-quality matte finish. Rounded corners and selected details in black aluminum round off the design. The avoidance of parallel walls – except at the casesites – reduces standing waves and prevents case resonances. Modernly designed and timelessly elegant, GRAND ORCHESTRA feel at home in many interior styles.

    The Sonoro HiFi set

    Due to the elegant design language and an optimal sound tuning, the pair of speakers can be perfectly combined with MAESTRO or our PLATINUM. The smart HiFi receiver MAESTRO was awarded for its design and sound quality with prestigious awards and very good test results. The same applies to our PLATINUM turntable, which tests, including Stiftung Warentest, see as one of the best in its price class, not least because of its versatility.

    sonoro GRANDORCHESTRA Schwarz matt 2020 11 2 2.jpg HiFi-Profis
    sonoro GRANDORCHESTRA Schwarzmatt Detail.jpg HiFi-Profis

    German engineering

    Like all sonoro music systems, the two-and-a-half-way speaker pair was designed and developed in Germany. In good sonoro tradition, great importance was attached to combining high sound quality with a clear design language in the GRAND ORCHESTRA. You can see and hear that.

    sonoro GRANDORCHESTRA Schwarzmatt Paar 1 1 HiFi-Profis
    Weiss SO GRANDORCHESTRA weissmatt Front Schatten 4 1 HiFi-Profis
    sonoro GRANDORCHESTRA Schwarzmatt Seitenansicht 1 1 HiFi-Profis
    Weiss SO GRANDORCHESTRA weissmatt Front Schatten 3 1 HiFi-Profis


    • Woofer: 2x 6 PE-coated paper pen with die-cast basket and double magnet
    • Tweeter: Air Motion Transformer with neodymium drive, diaphragm area approx. 85 cm2
    • Cabinet: HDF (high density fiberboard) with internal matrix
    • Recommended amplifier power: 50 170 W
    • Load impedance: 4
    • Frequency range: 38Hz 32KHz @ -6 dB
    • Sensitivity: 87.5 dB SPL (2.83 V/1 m)
    • High quality screw terminal for optimal reproduction
    • approx. 210 x 349 x 989 mm
    • approx. 280 x 349 x 1042 mm (including feet
    • Weight: approx. 24.8 kg per speaker
    • Hand sanded wooden case refined with a high quality matte finish
    • Rounded corners
    • Selected details in black aluminum
    • No parallel walls except on the sides
    • Designed and developed in Germany
    • Available colors: black (matte), white (matte)
    • Instruction manual
    • Safety instructions
    • Two bass opening plug
    • Speaker cover: removable
    • 2x foam plugs for bass reflex tube
    • 2x mountable speaker feet
    • 8x speaker spikes



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