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LG DS95QR | Automatic sound adjustment

  • 810 watt total power
  • With MERIDIAN sound technology and High Resolution Audio
  • Dolby Atmos/DTS:X and AI Sound Pro for automatic sound adjustment
  • 4K pass-through with HDR support

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A new dimension of immersive sound thanks to Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos Music enables precise reproduction of sounds, enhancing your listening experience with added dimensionality and creating a powerful soundstage. This improved sense of space and depth ensures that you can listen to your favorite music in a whole new way. Previously hidden details become audible with incomparable clarity, and every emotion can be expressed exactly as the artist intended. You can enjoy the benefits of Dolby Atmos Music on streaming services like Amazon and Tidal, as well as many other Blu-ray music titles.

Get the most out of your LG TV

LG soundbars are designed to seamlessly enhance the performance of LG TVs. They are designed to fit perfectly with LG TVs. Together, both devices create the best possible sound experience.

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It’s a match

The soundbars also match the LG TVs perfectly in terms of looks. They not only provide you with optimal entertainment, but also beautify your home. Complement your LG TV with an LG soundbar to add a contemporary touch to your living space.

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High-quality sound thanks to LG TV’s AI processor

The LG Soundbar is the perfect complement to your LG TV. It features TV Sound Mode Share, so it uses your TV’s sound processor to analyze your favorite content and generate clearer, better sound. Whether you’re watching the news or playing a game, experience your LG TV at its best.

The LG TV remote control for maximum convenience

With the LG TV remote control, you can also conveniently operate your soundbar. You can control the power, volume, and sound modes with the same remote you use for your LG TV.

Experience ultimate immersive 9.1.5 channel sound

9.1.5-channel audio, 810 watts of power, three upfiring channels, 3-way upfiring rear speakers and a subwoofer – the LG Soundbar DS95QR is the complete package with clear, immersive sound for an enhanced surround sound experience.

Experience sound at a new level thanks to three upfiring channels

Meet our latest innovation in soundbars: three upfiring channels. Thanks to these features, the LG Soundbar DS95QR offers a nuanced acoustic experience with clear voice reproduction and a wider soundstage.
Enjoy your most immersive sound experience in your home.

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Upfiring rear speaker for a sound that fills the room

Let yourself be surrounded by truly immersive surround sound. The set with 3-way upfiring rear speaker with a total of 6 channels provides a fuller sound image with a sound coverage of 135 degrees. This allows you to freely place the speaker in your room and perfect your home cinema.

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New subwoofer for powerful bass

Experience your favorite songs and movies with stronger, deeper bass. The new wireless subwoofer and larger built-in woofer hit low notes with ease. At increased volume, sound pressure and bass quality are transmitted over a greater distance.

Audio technology from MERIDIAN – Strong partner for strong sound

The collaboration between LG and MERIDIAN Audio, a leader in high-resolution audio, represents sound solutions that take your music and movie enjoyment to the next level. Experience ultimate sound through LG’s powerful soundbars.

High Resolution Audio

High Resolution Audio offers sampling rates of 96 kHz and a depth of 24 bits for more accurate sound and a more enjoyable listening experience. Enjoy music exactly as the performers intended. With high-resolution audio for crystal-clear precision.

Experience content like never before

Enjoy the best picture with the best sound. With powerful surround sound, the LG soundbar provides a realistic sound experience.

Movies – 4K pass through for lossless resolution

The LG Soundbar DS95QR plays 4K content, including HDR and Dolby Vision, with minimal loss of quality or performance for a fully integrated TV and audio experience.

Games – VRR and ALLM for dynamic gaming

The LG soundbar supports VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) to adjust frame rate changes and reduce dropouts.

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Music – Compatible with streaming music in HD

Enjoy Spotify with immersive, realistic audio.

Scans the room for optimal sound

To reproduce a natural and realistic sound, AI Room Calibration uses an internal microphone and spatial awareness technology to analyze the environment in advance.

Sophisticated sound technology for what you enjoy

Using AI Sound Pro, the LG Soundbar’s intelligent algorithm analyzes your content to generate optimal sound – whether you’re watching movies or news, or listening to music.



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