Samsung GQ65QN900A – 65″ – 164cm

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Samsung GQ65QN900A – 65″ – 164cm | Intense and lifelike colors

  • Experience intense and lifelike colors with Quantum HDR 4000 (65″ 3000)
  • Experience 8K quality content thanks to Neo Quantum Processor 8K
  • Dynamic sound that follows the movement in every scene with OTS Pro
  • Enjoy a limitless TV experience thanks to Infinity Screen
  • No more cable clutter thanks to Slim One Connect Box & One Cable Solution

Your HiFi-Profis

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Impressive contrast in 8K for lots of image detail – Quantum Matrix Technology Pro

The new Neo QLED 8K features backlight technology that can precisely control Quantum Mini LEDs. Discover impressive details even in light and dark scenes, which are now visible because all lighting zones are precisely controlled.

Experience content from different origins in stunning 8K quality thanks to Deep Learning – Sophisticated Neo QLED 8K computing power.

The multi-intelligent Samsung processor ensures the best possible viewing experience. Groundbreaking 8K AI upscaling technology, amplified by 16 more neural networks, lets you feel the full 8K power with any type of content. Like master chefs preparing their specialty dish with all their experience, 16 neural networks work together perfectly in situational upscaling. By learning automatically frame by frame, the processor can adapt to any viewing condition to optimize your favorite content.

For a TV experience that knows no boundaries – Infinity Screen

With an impressively elegant design with almost no black edges, you can look forward to an impressive TV experience. The thin frame is not distracting, so you can focus and immerse yourself in your content thanks to 99% screen real estate.

SamsungGQ65QN900A 3 HiFi-Profis
SamsungGQ65QN900A 4 HiFi-Profis

Discover a beauty of minimalist design – Minimalist Design

Enjoy an immersive viewing experience combined with an elegant design. The fascinating Infinity One design delights with its ultra-slim 15- to 17-mm profile.

Control all compatible devices with just one solar rechargeable remote control – Premium Solar Smart Remote

Control compatible devices and content with a single remote. The minimalist shape is matched with the design of the TV sets. Once connected, compatible devices can be detected automatically. The minimalist remote control convinces with its material, which is made of approx. 24% recycled plastics.

Enjoy your TV picture without the distractions of tangled cables – Attachable Slim One Connect Box.

Connect your external devices to the Slim One Connect Box and keep things tidy this way. Enjoy a high degree of flexibility when installing your box thanks to the attachable Slim One Connect Box. Whether the box is attached to the TV stand or placed away from the TV, the connection to your TV is only through a single cable.

TV mount that can fit your wall with almost no gaps – Stylish slim fit wall mount.

The TV wall mount allows for a near gapless look (min 7.5mm) with only one cable that can connect many of your external devices to your TV. This convenient way of installation allows the stylish design of your TV.

SamsungGQ65QN900A 5 HiFi-Profis
SamsungGQ65QN900A 6 HiFi-Profis

Maximum brilliance across the color spectrum for intense and lifelike colors – Quantum HDR 4000 (65″: 3000)

Quantum HDR 4000 convinces with impressive details and brightness values. Enjoy clear details thanks to very accurate colors and deep contrast levels. HDR10+’s dynamic hue display can adjust color and contrast settings in many scenes in real time, allowing you to enjoy even subtle nuances.

Discover a new dimension of reality with true 8K resolution – Realistic details

Enter a world of sharp resolution and see how true 8K resolution brings an immersive TV experience to your living room. The picture just radiates with vivid luminosity and spatial depth. This is ensured by an impressive resolution of 33 million pixels – that’s four times more than 4K.

SamsungGQ65QN900A 7 HiFi-Profis
SamsungGQ65QN900A HiFi-Profis

Experience content in stunning 8K – Artificial 8K Intelligence

The powerful Quantum Processor 8K can upscale content from various sources to 8K resolution using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. AI Upscaling can highlight textures, sharpen edges, and limit pixel-by-pixel distracting noise rustling to make the image look realistic.

Great view from many perspectives in space – ultra-wide viewing angle

See many details from different angles. Ultra Viewing Angle ensures a consistently detailed image from virtually any viewing angle. With it, you almost always have a good place in the house.

Up to 100% color volume for powerfulcolors in different brightness ranges – Quantum Dot technology

Quantum Dot technology delivers vivid colors with up to 100% color volume that remain vibrant in a variety of lighting conditions – with virtually no color loss.

Low distraction thanks to minimal reflections. – Anti-reflective technology

Prevent sunlight or lamp reflections from interfering with your image with recognized anti-reflective technology. Thanks to little irritation from reflective light, you can immerse yourself in current blockbusters from various seating positions.

SamsungGQ65QN900A 8 HiFi-Profis
SamsungGQ65QN900A 9 HiFi-Profis

Gripping sound through object tracking – Speech clarity thanks to the additional center speaker – Object Tracking Sound Pro

Object Tracking Sound Pro can follow object movements on the screen through scene analysis, immersing you in the action. The additional center speaker ensures clear speech intelligibility.

TV and soundbar in impressive harmony – Q-Symphony

Q-Symphony allows the speakers of the TV and the soundbar to play simultaneously in coordination with each other. This creates a convincing surround effect, which can be created by the harmonious interaction between TV and soundbar.

Impressive sound that can automatically adapt to your home – SpaceFit Sound

The TV’s self-calibrating sound lets you experience sound that adapts to your individual living environment. Whether the TV is on the wall or on a lowboard, you can expect a stirring sound experience.

Experience smooth 120 Hz gaming motion video – Motion Xcelerator Turbo+

Keep up with your opponents even at high game speeds. Thanks to the fascinating motion adjustment up to 120 Hz, you can expect a gaming experience with smooth action and without annoying gaming lags as well as motion blur.

Experience a nearly smooth display in high resolution – Smooth gaming

FreeSync Premium Pro is based on FreeSync, AMD’s Adaptive Sync technology, whose strength is to reduce picture judder and screen tearing. In addition, FreeSync Premium Pro enables HDR content display, reduced input lag, and Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) for smooth, action-packed gaming.

SamsungGQ65QN900A 10 HiFi-Profis
SamsungGQ65QN900A 11 HiFi-Profis

View multiple content simultaneously – transfer smartphone content

With Multi View, your TV picture is split in half, so you can watch your series or movies on one side, while the other side shows the display of your compatible smartphone. This way, you can keep an eye on your TV while watching the latest sports scores or a gaming tutorial.

Connect simply by tapping – Tap View

With a quick touch of your TV screen, you can mirror movies or music from your compatible smartphone to your TV. When you tap your TV with your smartphone, your TV can detect the touch and automatically mirror its content. So you can enjoy different contents of your smartphone quickly and comfortably on your TV.

Accessible TV for a compelling viewing and listening experience – Accessible TV Experience

Samsung provides support in the area of television with so-called assistive functions that help to use the extensive range of modern smart TVs. In this way, people who have different visual or hearing impairments can also access current technology without outside help.

The environment on screen – Sustainability – Recyclable and recyclable packaging

Thanks to environmentally friendly TV packaging, 200,000 tons of packaging material can be upcycled every year. Because with the specially made product packaging, everyone can contribute to the welfare of the environment by simply transforming it into a useful item for the household. For more information:

The solar remote control

The battery-powered remote control with solar support ensures that 800 t of batteries can be saved annually.

Cadmium-free QLED technology

With the aim of protecting consumer health, Samsung developed the QLED display that does not contain cadmium.

Eco sensor

The eco sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness depending on the current lighting conditions in front of the TV, thus saving energy.

SamsungGQ65QN900A 12 HiFi-Profis
SamsungGQ65QN900A 15 HiFi-Profis
SamsungGQ65QN900A 17 HiFi-Profis
SamsungGQ65QN900A 16 HiFi-Profis
SamsungGQ65QN900A 14 HiFi-Profis

Product Highlights
  • Quantum Matrix Technology Pro with Neo Quantum Processor 8K
  • Quantum HDR 3000
  • Ultimate 8K Dimming Pro
  • 8K resolution (7,680 x 4,320)
  • Object Tracking Sound Pro
  • Anti-reflective coating (Ultra Black)
  • FreeSync Premium Pro
  • Attachable One Connect Box & One Cable Solution
  • Infinity Screen, Premium Solar Smart Remote
  • USB recording function : Yes
  • TimeShift : Yes
  • USB media playback : Yes
  • Video on Demand : Yes
  • Smart TV : Yes
  • HbbTV : Yes
  • Web Browser : Yes
  • Online Apps : Yes
  • DLNA : Yes
  • Voice control : Yes
  • controllable via smartphone/tablet : Yes
  • HDMI CEC : Yes
  • Number of HDMI interfaces (IN) : 4
  • Number of USB ports : 3
  • Common-Interface CI+ : Yes
  • WiFi equipment : WiFi integrated
  • Ethernet LAN : Yes
  • Energy Label Version : 2019/2013
  • Energy efficiency class : G
  • Energy efficiency spectrum : spectrum ÄA to GÜ
  • energy consumption (kWh/1000h) : 255
  • Energy consumption (HDR playback) (kWh/1000h) : 365
  • Energy efficiency class (HDR reproduction) : G
  • Specification acc. EU Regulation 2019/2013 : Yes
  • Energy efficiency class HDR reproduction : Energy efficiency class HDR reproduction G
  • min. Mains voltage (V) : 220
  • max. Mains voltage (V) : 240
  • Power consumption, stand-by (W) : 0.5
  • Energy burn. HDR rendering (kWh/1000h) : 365
  • Eco switch/power saving circuit : Yes
  • Wall mounting possible : Yes
  • Height (cm) : 89.2
  • Weight (kg) : 30.1
  • Width without foot (cm) : 143.31
  • Height without foot (cm) : 81.99
  • Depth without foot (cm) : 1.52
  • weight without foot (kg) : 22.1
  • Technology : LCD
  • Screen diagonal (cm) : 163
  • Screen diagonal (inch) : 65
  • Number of pixels, horizontal : 7680
  • Number of pixels, vertical : 4320
  • HDR 10+ : Yes
  • HDR 10+ Adaptive : Yes
  • QLED technology : Yes
  • Quantum Dot Technology : Yes
  • 8K signal conversion : Yes
  • 100 Hz Technology : Yes
  • Image Quality Index : 4900
  • Game circuit : Yes
  • Room light adjustment : automatic room light adjustment
  • LED backlight : Mini LED backlight
  • micro dimming : Yes
  • Anti-reflective coating : Yes
  • Multi PiP : Yes
  • Ultra HD (8K) : Yes
  • Separate connection/control unit : Yes
  • Voice announcement : Yes
  • Voice control : Yes
  • On-Screen Display (OSD) : Yes
  • Multilingual Menu : Yes
  • elec. menUgest. TV program guide (EPG) : Yes
  • Data connection between video and TV : Yes
  • Ideal value function image/sound : Yes
  • USB recording function : Yes
  • Media playback via USB : Yes
  • Networkable : Yes
  • Time-shifted playback : Yes
  • Amazon Prime Video : Yes
  • Netflix : Yes
  • Amazon Alexa compatible : Yes
  • Google Assistant compatible : Yes
  • HbbTV : Yes
  • DLNA Standard : Yes
  • Web Browser : Yes
  • Online apps available : Yes
  • Online video services available : Yes
  • controllable via smartphone/tablet : Yes
  • TV signal streaming : Yes
  • Stream smart/tabl. content wirelessly : Yes
  • Decoder type : Teletext decoder
  • Dolby Digital Plus decoder : Yes
  • Dolby Digital Decoder (AC-3) : Yes
  • Speaker system : Full range speaker
  • Integrated bass/subwoofer : Yes
  • Sine power (W), total : 80
  • HD+ compatible : Yes
  • UHDTV reception : Yes
  • DVB-T2 HD Twin Tuner : Yes
  • DVB-S2 Twin Tuner : Yes
  • DVB-C Twin Tuner : Yes
  • Analog cable reception : Yes
  • Unicable / single cable control : Yes
  • MP3 compatible : Yes
  • FLAC compatible : Yes
  • OGG-Vorbis compatible : Yes
  • SMPTE VC1 compatible : Yes
  • WMA compatible : Yes
  • WAV compatible : Yes
  • JPEG format compatible : Yes
  • AVI format compatible : Yes
  • ASF compatible : Yes
  • MKV compatible : Yes
  • VOB compatible : Yes
  • TS format compatible : Yes
  • RealMedia (RMVB) compatible : Yes
  • MOV format compatible : Yes
  • WMV compatible : Yes
  • MPEG-1 compatible : Yes
  • MPEG-2 compatible : Yes
  • MPEG-4 compatible : Yes
  • H.264 compatible : Yes
  • H.265 compatible (HEVC) : Yes
  • AAC compatible : Yes
  • Digital Optical (OUT), Audio : Yes
  • Common Interface (CI+) : Yes
  • Number of common interface (CI+) : 1
  • HDMI interface : HDMI interface 2.1
  • Number of HDMI interfaces (IN) : 4
  • eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) : Yes
  • Number of USB ports : 3
  • WiFi equipment : WiFi integrated
  • Bluetooth interface : Yes
  • Ethernet LAN : Yes
  • Width with packing (cm) : 162.5
  • Height with packing (cm) : 94.7
  • Depth with packing (cm) : 19.5
  • weight with packing (kg) : 43
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A



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