SAMSUNG GQ85QN90BAT – 85” – 211cm

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SAMSUNG GQ85QN90BAT – 85” | Incredible viewing experience with the QLED revolution

  • Enjoy higher contrast and lifelike colors with Quantum HDR 2000 (50″/43″: 1500)
  • Enhance your viewing experience with Deep Learning with the Neo Quantum Processor 4K
  • Multidimensional sound experience thanks to Dolby Atmos and Top Channel speakers
  • Enjoy your gaming in 4K/144 Hz quality thanks to impressive moving image display
  • Enjoy a mesmerizing image from any seat with minimized light reflections

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The QLED revolution: precisely controlled light thanks to the new Quantum mini LEDs

The evolution of Neo QLED uses Quantum Matrix technology, which drives our Quantum Mini LEDs with the highest accuracy. Precise lighting control lets you enjoy the smallest details in both the darkest and brightest areas of the image.

Experience stunning 4K quality thanks to Deep Learning

The powerful Neo Quantum processor 4K ensures a fascinating viewing experience. Built-in Deep Learning and brilliant 4K AI upscaling ensure that frame by frame your viewing experience is optimized by visibly enhancing your content. Powerful 4K AI upscaling ensures that full 4K resolution is always available to you.

de feature lrm 531152525 HiFi-Profis
de feature lrm 531187816 HiFi-Profis

Experience spectacular contrasts, just as the director envisioned them

Quantum HDR 2000 (50″/43″: 1500) enables exceptional nuance and detail. Enjoy intense, accurate colors and deep contrasts that are literally brought to life by Quantum Matrix technology. HDR10+’s dynamic color display can adjust color and contrast settings in different scenes, allowing you to enjoy subtle nuances.

Experience Dolby Atmos sound on a new level with Top Channel speakers

The new Samsung Top Channel speakers take the Dolby Atmos sound experience to a new level and immerse you in the middle of the action thanks to the multidimensional sound.

Little distraction thanks to minimal reflections

The anti-reflective coating prevents sunlight or lamp reflections from interfering with your image. Thanks to little irritation from reflective light, you can immerse yourself in current blockbusters from different seating positions.

Intelligent image optimized for your eyes

Samsung’s unique Eye Comfort mode takes into account local sunrise and sunset times to optimize screen settings. In addition, brightness and color saturation are reduced after sunset, making it easier for you to switch off and find peace.

Three-dimensional image depth for more realism

Image Depth Optimization mimics how the human eye perceives depth by increasing the contrast in the foreground of the image. For example, if you’re watching a nature documentary, the wrinkles of an elephant are optimized in the foreground and the background is left unchanged – exactly as a human eye would do.

de feature lrm 531152525 HiFi-Profis
de feature exceptional gaming experience with 4k 144hz 531151841 HiFi-Profis

Experience smooth 4K/144 Hz gaming images – Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro

The outstanding 4K-/144 Hz-quality on-screen motion picture display offers top-notch performance and ensures razor-sharp images and breathtaking speed.

Experience smooth gaming with low latency – FreeSync Premium Pro

Based on AMD FreeSync core technology to reduce image judder and screen tearing, TVs certified for AMD FreeSync Premium Pro level offer a true HDR gaming experience: a combination of smooth gaming at maximum performance and exceptional high dynamic range graphics with low latency – for your smooth gameplay.

TV and soundbar in impressive harmony – Q-Symphony

Enjoy the harmony between TV and soundbar. Q-Symphony ensures that the TV and soundbar are perfectly matched and reproduce the sound simultaneously. This creates a convincing surround effect without having to mute the TV speakers.

Engaging sound that can follow movements in the image – Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+)

Experience thrilling sound that can follow different object movements – almost like in the cinema. Special speakers with an integrated 4.2.2-channel system and 70 watts of output power radiate upwards and to the sides to create a 3D sound that literally puts you in the middle of the action.

Modern elegance thanks to ultra-slim silhouette – NeoSlim design.

Experience an ultra-slim, minimalist design whose beauty reveals itself from different angles like that of a work of art.

All your favorite TV content in one place – Smart Hub

The new Smart Hub puts finding and discovering content at the forefront, so you can spend less time searching and more time streaming your favorite movies, games, and series. With the three categories “Media”, “Games” and “Backgrounds” your TV experience will be optimized – depending on how you use your TV.

de feature elegant profile in modern sleek silhouette 531205427 HiFi-Profis
de feature your best home butler 531151833 HiFi-Profis

Your smart home apps at a glance – SmartThings

Let your TV detect, connect, and display all sorts of devices completely automatically. SmartThings not only supports current smartphone/camera/IoT/smart home apps, but can also include older devices. Thanks to SmartThings, you can control your devices directly with the remote or by voice while watching TV.

Experience video calls on the big screen – video calls on the TV screen

Make your video calls directly on your TV and benefit from the big screen. Thanks to the extended partnership with Google Duo and MS Teams, you have the possibility to choose your preferred application. What’s more, you can now connect your own smartphone camera alongside the Samsung Slim Fit camera and Logitech webcam, making it much easier to access video calls.

Stream free content now with Samsung TV PLUS – Free Streaming Variety

With Samsung TV Plus, you get instant access to news, sports, series, feature films and much more content – without registrations, credit cards, subscriptions or additional services. Simply turn on Samsung TV Plus and choose what appeals to you from the wide range of programs.

See multiple contents at the same time – Multi View

Thanks to Multi View, you can divide your TV picture into two areas, so you can watch your series or movies on one side, while the other side shows the display of your compatible smartphone. So you can keep an eye on your TV program while watching the latest sports scores or a gaming tutorial. So you can easily enjoy different content at the same time.

de qled tv gq85qn90batxzg l perspective black 531315331 HiFi-Profis
de qled tv gq85qn90batxzg detail black 531315334 HiFi-Profis
de qled tv gq85qn90batxzg l side black 531315332 HiFi-Profis
de qled tv gq85qn90batxzg r perspective black 531315330 HiFi-Profis

Product Highlights
  • Quantum Matrix Technology with Neo Quantum Processor 4K
  • Quantum HDR 2000 & Ultimate UHD Dimming
  • 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160)
  • Object Tracking Sound Plus
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Game Motion Plus & Super Ultra Wide Game View
  • Frameless design
  • Premium Solar Smart Remote
  • Technology : LCD
  • Screen diagonal (cm) : 214
  • Screen diagonal (“) : 85
  • Resolution : Ultra HD
  • Frame rate : 100 Hz
  • Image Quality Index : 4600
  • QLED technology : Yes
  • USB recording function : Yes
  • TimeShift : Yes
  • USB media playback : Yes
  • Video on Demand : Yes
  • Smart TV : Yes
  • HbbTV : Yes
  • Web Browser : Yes
  • Online Apps : Yes
  • DLNA : Yes
  • Voice control : Yes
  • controllable via smartphone/tablet : Yes
  • HDMI CEC : Yes
  • Number of HDMI interfaces (IN) : 4
  • Number of USB ports : 2
  • Common-Interface CI+ : Yes
  • WiFi equipment : WiFi integrated
  • Ethernet LAN : Yes
  • Energy Label Version : 2019/2013
  • Energy efficiency class : F
  • Energy efficiency spectrum : spectrum ÄA to GÜ
  • energy consumption (kWh/1000h) : 146
  • Energy consumption (HDR playback) (kWh/1000h) : 357
  • Energy efficiency class (HDR reproduction) : G
  • Specification acc. EU Regulation 2019/2013 : Yes
  • Energy efficiency class HDR reproduction : Energy efficiency class HDR reproduction G
  • min. Mains voltage (V) : 220
  • max. Mains voltage (V) : 240
  • Power consumption, stand-by (W) : 0.5
  • Energy burn. HDR rendering (kWh/1000h) : 357
  • Eco switch/power saving circuit : Yes
  • Wall mounting possible : Yes
  • Height (cm) : 114.43
  • weight (kg) : 56.7
  • Width without foot (cm) : 189.22
  • Height without foot (cm) : 108.19
  • Depth without foot (cm) : 2.72
  • weight without foot (kg) : 44.5
  • Technology : LCD
  • Screen diagonal (cm) : 214
  • Screen diagonal (inch) : 85
  • Number of pixels, horizontal : 3840
  • Number of pixels, vertical : 2160
  • viewing angle, horizontal (degrees) : 178
  • Viewing angle, vertical (degrees) : 178
  • HDR 10+ Adaptive : Yes
  • QLED technology : Yes
  • Quantum Dot Technology : Yes
  • 4K signal conversion : Yes
  • 100 Hz Technology : Yes
  • Image Quality Index : 4600
  • Response time (ms) : 6
  • Game circuit : Yes
  • Room light adjustment : automatic room light adjustment
  • LED backlight : Mini LED backlight
  • micro dimming : Yes
  • Anti-reflective coating : Yes
  • Multi PiP : Yes
  • Ultra HD : Yes
  • Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) : Yes
  • Variable refresh rate (VRR) : Yes
  • FreeSync Premium Pro : Yes
  • Voice control : Yes
  • On-Screen Display (OSD) : Yes
  • Multilingual Menu : Yes
  • elec. menUgest. TV program guide (EPG) : Yes
  • Data connection between video and TV : Yes
  • Ideal value function image/sound : Yes
  • USB recording function : Yes
  • Media playback via USB : Yes
  • Networkable : Yes
  • Time-shifted playback : Yes
  • Amazon Prime Video : Yes
  • Netflix : Yes
  • Amazon Alexa compatible : Yes
  • Google Assistant compatible : Yes
  • HbbTV : Yes
  • DLNA Standard : Yes
  • Web Browser : Yes
  • Online apps available : Yes
  • Online video services available : Yes
  • controllable via smartphone/tablet : Yes
  • TV signal streaming : Yes
  • Stream smart/tabl. content wirelessly : Yes
  • Decoder type : Teletext decoder
  • Dolby Atmos : Yes
  • Dolby Digital Plus decoder : Yes
  • Dolby Digital Decoder (AC-3) : Yes
  • Speaker system : Full range speaker
  • Integrated bass/subwoofer : Yes
  • Sine power (W), total : 60
  • HD+ compatible : Yes
  • UHDTV reception : Yes
  • DVB-T2 HD Twin Tuner : Yes
  • DVB-S2 Twin Tuner : Yes
  • DVB-C Twin Tuner : Yes
  • Analog cable reception : Yes
  • Unicable / single cable control : Yes
  • H.264 compatible : Yes
  • H.265 compatible (HEVC) : Yes
  • Digital Optical (OUT), Audio : Yes
  • Common Interface (CI+) : Yes
  • Number of common interface (CI+) : 1
  • HDMI interface : HDMI interface 2.1
  • Number of HDMI interfaces (IN) : 4
  • eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) : Yes
  • Number of USB ports : 2
  • WiFi equipment : WiFi integrated
  • Bluetooth interface : Yes
  • Ethernet LAN : Yes

2x USB, 3x antenna inputs, 4x HDMI, Bluetooth, WiFi






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